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Immigration in the Courts

Juan Escalante Responds to Sessions’ Comments on Judge Bates’ Friday Ruling on DACA

The following is a response from Juan Escalante, Communications Director of America’s Voice and DACA recipient, on Sessions’ statement regarding Judge Bates’ ruling from Friday on DACA: As an ardent opponent of DACA, it is unsurprising that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would use his anti-immigrant perch at the Department of Justice to lambaste a court … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Responds to Judge Sabraw’s Decision Regarding the Administration’s Attempt to Turn its Back on the 472 Kids That Remain Separated

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw strongly condemned the Trump administration’s attempt to shirk its own culpability and responsibility in the ongoing family separation scandal as well as its ludicrous attempt to make the ACLU responsible for the reunification of children with parents who have already been deported. Judge Sabraw said, “The reality is … Continue reading »

Judge Orders DACA to Continue, Juan Escalante Reacts

Today, a federal judge ordered DACA to be fully re-started in 20 days. This is a response from Juan Escalante, AV Communications Manager: Once again, the courts reaffirm what immigrants and their allies have always known: the DACA program is good for our country and the administration can’t just end it for no clear reason … Continue reading »

Judge: “Is there any sense of justice here” for a man who is otherwise “a model citizen?”

ICYMI: Judge Orders the Release of a Pizza Delivery Man Detained by ICE After nearly two months in detention, U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty ordered the release of Pablo Villavicencio-Calderon, an undocumented husband and father of two who was detained while trying to deliver pizza to an army base in Brooklyn. The judge noted, “Well, … Continue reading »

A Scathing Rebuke and the Way Forward to End the Family Separation Crisis

Court Orders Families to be Reunited; Here’s How it Should be Done Below are a our key takeaways following the injunction issued by U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw enjoining the Trump administration’s family separation policy and requiring the government to reunify children under 5 years old with parents within 14 days and all other … Continue reading »

As Sessions Gears Up to End DACA in the Courts, House Republicans Gear Up to Vote on “Dumb and Dumber” Bills

A sham in the House, a potential catastrophe in the courts House Republicans are pretending to care about Dreamers while pursuing Trumpian nativism. This is a bridge to nowhere. Meanwhile, what truly matters is the brazen move by the Department of Justice to end run federal court decisions in hopes of ending DACA in a … Continue reading »

ICYMI: David Leopold: “Jeff Sessions Begins Phase Two of Trump’s Brutal War On Immigrants and Immigration”

David Leopold, Partner and Chair of Immigration for Ulmer & Berne and past president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, writes in a new post for Medium that – with his late-week announcement that immigration judges can no longer invoke “Administrative Closure,” a procedure judges and prosecutors used to manage caseloads – “Jeff Sessions Begins Phase Two … Continue reading »

Republican AGs Attack Dreamers, Go Forum-Shopping for Anti-Immigrant Judge, and Other Republicans Remain Silent

So much for that concern over the fate of 800,000 young Americans Observers are weighing in to condemn the outrageous lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking to end DACA. Paxton has corralled the Attorneys General of six other Republican states – Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina and West Virginia – to go along … Continue reading »

Another Federal Judge Slaps Down Trump and Sessions for Ending DACA; Let’s Hope the Supreme Court Does the Same to the Muslim Ban

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge John D. Bates in Washington, DC ruled that the Trump Administration unlawfully ended DACA and unless they come up with a better rationale in 90 days, the Administration must not only continue DACA for current beneficiaries, but it must accept new applications as well. The ruling – just the latest in a string of … Continue reading »