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“This could well be the turning point in our generation’s ferocious debate regarding immigrants and immigration policy in America”

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Frank Sharry Reacts to Supreme Court DACA Ruling

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to today’s Supreme Court DACA ruling

“This is a huge and remarkable victory — for those with DACA, for those eligible for DACA, for undocumented immigrants generally, and for the entire nation.

Since 2017, President Trump and Stephen Miller have schemed to put Dreamers on a path to deportation. They did so to score political points and to hold young immigrants hostage for a nativist power play. They have failed.

They failed because the organizing power of those directly affected and the power of strong public support compelled the Supreme Court to find a way to block the evil and cynical men in charge. If the administration continues its assault on DACA in its dying days, it will continue to hit a wall — a powerful wall of popular resistance.

This could well be the turning point in our generation’s ferocious debate regarding immigrants and immigration policy in America. The American people strongly support a permanent solution — a path to permanent status and citizenship for Dreamers, for TPS holders and for all 11 million undocumented immigrants. For many years, the public has  been out in front of the politicians.

But let’s be clear. Despite attempts by some in the GOP over the years, American politics now has a pro-immigrant party and an anti-immigrant party. With this decision, it could well be that we are witnessing the last gasp of a two-decades long Republican strategy of blocking a humane immigration policy that recognizes undocumented immigrants for the Americans they already are.

This year’s election comes with huge stakes. Joe Biden promises on Day One to introduce legislation that creates a line for 11 million undocumented immigrants to get into, and Democrats may win majority control in the Senate. The long overdue breakthrough may be just months away.

This is a moment of racial reckoning in America. The Black Lives Matter protests have spurred the emergence of a strong and sustainable majority in favor of fundamental reforms of societal institutions anchored in white supremacy. We salute all the leaders and activists who are fighting for Black and Brown freedom. We are humbled and proud to be part of the ongoing struggle to realize the promise of justice and equality for all Americans, regardless of background and birthplace.”