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HB 56

Alabama's Anti-Immigrant Law Backfires — Again

Remember that crazy anti-immigrant law out of Alabama – HB 56? The one that was so bad that we referred to it as the monster of all immigration laws, which also resulted in a mass-exodus of Alabama’s Hispanic population? Here’s a reminder from an article in Bloomberg today: The Alabama law’s intent was to attack … Continue reading »

Breaking News: Major Parts of Alabama and Georgia Anti-Immigrant Law Are Struck Down

Some news coming out of the 11th circuit court today regarding the Alabama and Georgia anti-immigrant laws — According to Ben Winograd at Immigration Impact: In a series of decisions issued Monday afternoon, a federal appeals court in Atlanta struck down major portions of controversial immigration laws passed by Alabama and Georgia—including a provision requiring … Continue reading »

Immigrant Youth in Alabama Protest Against Mitt Romney and His Anti-Immigrant Vision

Yesterday, when Mitt Romney visited Birmingham, Alabama for a fundraising event at the city’s exclusive restaurant — “The Club” — he was met outside by a number of protestors from the Immigrant Youth Leadership Initiative of Alabama. The group chanted “education, not deportation” and held up signs that read “no papers, no fear.” Last year, … Continue reading »

TIME Magazine on the Economic Fallout of State Anti-Immigrant Laws

In addition to their amazing cover story and video on the DREAM Act and the plight of immigrant youth, TIME Magazine today has a great story on the “fiscal fallout of state immigration laws,” or what happens to states that try to “deport their way to prosperity.” As the article begins: State-level immigration laws don’t … Continue reading »

Hyundai's Silence on HB 56, Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant Law

Immigrant rights groups were incensed at Hyundai’s silence when Alabama passed its anti-immigrant law, HB 56. Now that the state legislature has made a bad situation worse with its “tweak” bill, HB 658, the auto company has yet to speak out against the way immigrants are being treated in Alabama — even though the company … Continue reading »

Alabama and Its Anti-Immigrant Law, HB 658, Face Increased Pressure From Civil Rights and Labor Groups

Alabama’s social and economic crisis continues after the state legislature passed another law that actually made worse what was already the worst racial profiling law in the nation, HB 56.  And the backlash is growing against Alabama. Yesterday, on a call with reporters, national civil and labor rights leaders announced next steps in the ongoing battle … Continue reading »

Protest in Montgomery Against New Alabama Anti-Immigrant Law, HB 658

Immigration reform activists and supporters from all over Alabama converged on the state Capitol in Montgomery to protest the passage of HB 658 over the weekend, rallying together in a mega-march led by the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice. HB 658 became law last week when Alabama Governor Robert Bentley caved into anti-immigrant legislators and … Continue reading »