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Hyundai's Silence on HB 56, Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant Law

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Immigrant rights groups were incensed at Hyundai’s silence when Alabama passed its anti-immigrant law, HB 56. Now that the state legislature has made a bad situation worse with its “tweak” bill, HB 658, the auto company has yet to speak out against the way immigrants are being treated in Alabama — even though the company markets heavily to Hispanic communities in the United States.

Over the weekend, immigrant rights advocates organized 72 actions at local Hyundai dealerships in 20 states and Puerto Rico. Check out some of the pictures from the protest on our pinterest board by clicking the image below:

Hyundai dealership protests

It’s not too late to tell the company to speak out. You can add to the conversation on twitter by tweeting out some of these messages to Hyundai:

  • .@Hyundai ‘s latest slogan: New thinking, new possibilities-just not for Alabama children. Stand against HB56! #crisisAL #BoycottHate
  • .@Hyundai profits off Alabama workers – why won’t it stand with them? Help stop anti-immigrant laws in AL! #crisisAL #BoycottHate
  • Innovative products like #Hyundai’s #Veloster depend on a strong workforce. @Hyundai: support AL families! #crisisAL #BoycottHate
  • Compliant = complicit. Time for @Hyundai to stand with immigrants, stand up to #HB56. #BoycottHate
  • RT if you agree: Fear can’t create jobs. But @Hyundai can. Tell them to stand against #HB56 and #BoycottHate.

Or post this message on your facebook wall:

Hyundai makes vehicles in Alabama, home state of anti-immigrant law HB 56 – but despite the catastrophic effects of this law on Alabama’s communities and economy, Hyundai risks our children’s futures by refusing to put the brakes on hate. Tell Hyundai to stand against hate and stand up for Alabama families. Write a comment now on their Fan Page at www.facebook.com/Hyundai urging them to stand against anti-immigrant laws!

Hyundai operates a large factory in Alabama and is a major employer in the state. In March, during the company’s shareholders’ meeting, the CEO of Hyundai admitted that it was the responsibility of the company to say something.

The question is: Why haven’t they?