Do Republicans really want to tell young people who've lived here most of their lives, who may speak no other language but English and who are even willing to sacrifice themselves on the battlefield: "We don't want you?" Continue »
The more Republicans lash out at immigrants...and blame them for everything from unemployment to crowded jails and lousy car washes, the more they turn off what some in politics now call "the new Americans." Continue »
The mainstream media has done a pretty lousy job reporting what's next for the DREAM Act, writes Marisa Treviño of Latina Lista: "If ever there was an issue constantly lobbed at with distortions and falsehoods, the DREAM Act bill is one... Yet, there's nothing to be afraid of if... Continue »
Republican champion of the DREAM Act Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN) recently told POLITICO that he absolutely will vote yes on the DREAM Act, which is welcome news as advocates work to reach out to Republican swing votes: "After Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid delayed a test vote on the... Continue »
After the historic victory yesterday in the House of Representatives, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made a bold move today to shelve a vote on the Senate's original version of the DREAM Act. In doing so, he paved the way for the Senate to take up the House-passed version... Continue »
Today, a group of DREAM act youth and supporters arrived on Capitol Hill with giant checks to give out to lawmakers. Based on the Congressional Budget Office's report late last week, passing the DREAM Act would create $2.3 billion over the next 10 years in revenue and slash the... Continue »
Even as the House readies for a DREAM vote this week, Mike Lillis' latest piece on DREAM in The Hill paints a stark picture of the challenges the DREAM Act faces to garner conservative backers in the Senate. Lillis describes Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's recent complaints about the bill: Continue »
As the pressure intensifies in Congress to try to pass various bills in the lame-duck session, including the DREAM Act, several Spanish-language media outlets report on a new Republican effort to obstruct any legislative action unless Democrats agree to fund all government operations and extend the Bush tax cuts. Continue »
Yesterday, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said that the Democrats are playing politics with the immigration issue "promising things that they're never going to deliver, knowing they're not going to deliver"—apparently referencing the upcoming DREAM Act debate in Congress. Let's rewind a little. Continue »
In a town where political hypocrisy is in no short supply, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) manages to take things to another level. In his latest instance of "getting to no" on immigration, Cornyn opposes taking up the DREAM Act because, he says, Americans want Congress to focus on border... Continue »