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Latino Decisions Finds the Democrats' Growing "Enthusiasm Gap" With Latino Voters

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Latino DecisionsWhile it is absolutely clear that the GOP has a “Latino problem,” new analysis by Latino Decisions, a group which specializes in analyzing Latino voting behavior, finds that Democrats may have their own liabilities among the fastest growing voter block too.

Matt Barreto of Latino Decisions writes:

“Despite a 73% approval rating, only 41% of Latino registered voters say they are certain to vote for Obama in 2012.”

That 32-point gap, according to Barreto, “could spell trouble down the road.”

The reason for that gap, according to Barreto and Professor Sylvia Manzano, is that many Latinos are tepid in their belief that the Democratic party is welcoming to them and does enough work to speak to their communities. In her 2010 analysis, Professor Manzano wrote:  

“enthusiasm and long-term loyalty will require more than bold policy statements, political empathy and late hour GOTV efforts from Democrats”.