The New York Times reported last week that Republicans at the state and local levels plan to introduce a wave of anti-immigrant measures over the next year. Continue »
That's right folks, break out the paddles -- and the cell phones. Before we regroup for the holidays and move forward to what's next for real immigration reform, it is critical that everyone who cares about the future of DREAM call the following Senators to let them know what... Continue »
Although a majority of U.S. Senators voted in favor of the DREAM Act last Saturday, the 55-41 vote failed to meet the 60 vote threshold and therefore will not advance. This is particularly disappointing given the fact that the legislation had already passed the House and was just... Continue »
Here's a slideshow of DREAM Act champions in the Senate and DREAM youth from across the country reacting strongly to today's Senate vote -- in which the DREAM Act obtained majority support (55-41) but not the 60 votes needed to beat a Republican filibuster. While there were many... Continue »
Today, leaders of organizations that mobilize Latino and new American voters emphasized on a press call how real immigration reform like DREAM has become a litmus test issue for these voters, and how tomorrow's vote on the DREAM Act will be a moment of truth for each and every... Continue »
Last night, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid put the DREAM Act on the Senate floor and filed cloture on the bill, setting up a Saturday vote that will determine whether the DREAM Act becomes law this year, and whether thousands of bright and talented young people who grew up... Continue »
For Latinos, the Senate vote is a litmus test of sorts. Senators will have to decide if they stand with the Latino community or against it. Even ultraconservative columnist and former Reagan administration official Linda Chávez believes it would be a huge mistake for the GOP to vote against... Continue »
Today's piece in the Boston Herald by conservative columnist Linda Chavez is one of several warning bells being rung this week for the GOP if they decide to continue false attacks on and obstruction of the DREAM Act (See also, the Washington Post's Schumacher-Matos, who begins: "If Senate Republicans... Continue »
Do Republicans really want to tell young people who've lived here most of their lives, who may speak no other language but English and who are even willing to sacrifice themselves on the battlefield: "We don't want you?" Continue »
The more Republicans lash out at immigrants...and blame them for everything from unemployment to crowded jails and lousy car washes, the more they turn off what some in politics now call "the new Americans." Continue »