Follow for full data and to track state-specific results when polls close in each state   Washington, DC —The 2020 American Election Eve Poll, a 15,000-plus sample sized election eve poll that will provide the most accurate information about the 2020 vote choices and motivations of African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Latino/Latinx, and American Indian voters, is releasing… Continue »

Follow for full data in Georgia and nationally   Washington, DC —The 2020 American Election Eve Poll has released results for African American and Latino voters in Georgia. Full results available at with select Georgia findings below: 2020 American Election Eve Poll: who did you vote for in the presidential election (Georgia)? African… Continue »

At the crossroads of immigration and electoral politics, these are our top picks    How is the issue of immigration faring in the 2020 elections?  Below are seven key races we are watching closely. We believe these are the top races that will indicate whether immigration is a wedge issue that works for Trump and… Continue »

This week, with any luck, we will know if the voters of this nation opted for a change of leadership in the White House, tired of almost four years of lies, division, cruel public policies, and disdain for human life–especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Or if, for some reason that sociologists and… Continue »

Key Immigration Politics Stories The significance of Biden leaning into immigration via the powerful new family separation ad: Why the new ad represents a remarkable shift in the immigration debate with Democrats feeling confident to lean in and go on offense. Why Trump’s xenophobia isn’t working in 2020 (despite Stephen Miller’s best efforts): Our answers… Continue »

Trump’s naked appeals to white grievance on race and immigration may excite his core supporters, but the backlash effect is even stronger. Need evidence? A confident Joe Biden is advertising on family separation. Democrats down ballot have staked out pro-immigrant policy positions. Trump and Republican attacks are falling flat. A pro-immigrant multiracial majority is emerging.  … Continue »

New House Judiciary Committee Report on family separation concludes policy has been “marked by reckless incompetence and intentional cruelty” The Biden-Harris campaign has released a powerful new ad today on family separation. It is morally the right thing to do. It also signals a remarkable shift in the immigration debate, with Democrats leaning in and… Continue »

Will John Cornyn Finally Stand up and Just Say “No” to Stealing Funds from the Military and Drug Interdiction? A new joint investigative piece from Texas Tribune and ProPublica, “Records show Trump’s border wall is costing taxpayers billions more than initial contracts,” highlights that American taxpayers’ bill for Donald Trump’s border wall are several billion… Continue »

A multiracial majority is poised to erect a firewall of tolerance  Today’s Wall Street Journal carries this must-read story, “Trump Campaign Tones Down Immigration Messages That Dominated 2016 Election.” It raises and addresses important questions: why is it that on Trump’s signature issue Trump is on defense and Biden is on offense? Why is it… Continue »

Each Friday through Election Day, we disseminate this memo highlighting the key 2020 developments at the intersection of electoral politics and immigration Key Immigration Politics Stories Presidential Debate: On Immigration, the Contrast Could Not Be Clearer: In response to the immigration questions, Trump revealed who he is and what his administration is about. Joe Biden… Continue »