June 2012 Last Friday, President Obama announced that young undocumented immigrants in college will be able to apply for protection from deportation and work permits. Newly-released polls show that voters strongly feel the President did the right thing—and Latino voters are more enthusiastic about his re-election because he took... Continue »
New polling shows that the general public, including Latinos and independent voters, are broadly supportive of President Obama’s decision to grant hundreds of thousands of DREAM Act youth relief from deportation.  Yet while the American public has voiced its support, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney continues to avoid the... Continue »
As Romney Ducks Question, New Polls Show Broad Support for President Obama’s Action New polling documents that the general public, including Latino voters and independent voters, are broadly supportive of President Obama’s bold decision to protect hundreds of thousands of DREAM Act-eligible young people from deportation.  Yet while the... Continue »
Yesterday, we got word that Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), the leading anti-immigrant voice in the House of Representatives, had scheduled a press conference on immigration. That wasn’t a surprise. In the wake of President Obama’s bold action to protect DREAMers, we expected the usual backlash from Smith. After all,... Continue »
Since President Obama announced his new relief plan for DREAM Act youth last Friday, there’s been no shortage of commentary applauding him for his bold move.  There’s also been no shortage of commentary condemning Mitt Romney for refusing to take a stance on the policy change. Enter this great... Continue »
Last Friday, President Obama took to the airwaves to announce a bold new deportation strategy for DREAM Act youth: effective immediately, DREAMers who meet certain criteria will be protected from deportation and eligible to apply for work permits. While commentators and editorial boards all over the nation applauded the... Continue »
On Friday, President Obama and DHS announced welcome news that undocumented youth are now free from deportation, and can register to receive work permits. And while we’re still gleaning information on how this process will work, we thought that in the meantime, we’d pull together a list of resources... Continue »