As we’ve mentioned, Mitt Romney is going speak at at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) conference in Florida today. The speech will be broadcast live on C-SPAN at 12:30 PM ET. The big question is whether Romney will even talk about immigration. He’s been ducking... Continue »
We know you guys have plenty of questions that need to be answered regarding President Barack Obama’s new DREAM relief policy, and we’ll be doing our best to get you that information as it comes our way. That said, here is a four-pager that we received late yesterday —... Continue »
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will speak at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) conference tomorrow. Since Mitt Romney has refused to discuss immigration in front of Latino audiences or to respond directly to the news of the DREAMer protections announced last Friday, this event is highly anticipated.... Continue »
This afternoon, at a press conference just steps from the White House, over 40 leaders of the United We Dream Network, donning graduation caps and holding banners celebrating “El Poder de Nuestro Pueblo” (the power of our community) and declaring their “Right to Dream,” will announce a massive public... Continue »
It’s commentary on the ridiculousness of the GOP response to President Obama’s DREAM relief announcement as only the Daily Show could do it: complete with a Candyland-esque fantasy sequence and Santa Claus lederhosen. Watch it below: In a six-minute segment last night, the Daily show managed to dissemble many... Continue »
For the past eighteen months, Speaker  John Boehner has entrusted immigration policy to three of the most anti-immigrant voices in the GOP caucus: Lamar Smith, Elton Gallegly and Steve King. That trio has held one immigrant bashing hearing after another. Of course, all three of them — and Boehner... Continue »