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Jon Stewart vs. the GOP on President Obama’s Deportation Announcement

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It’s commentary on the ridiculousness of the GOP response to President Obama’s DREAM relief announcement as only the Daily Show could do it: complete with a Candyland-esque fantasy sequence and Santa Claus lederhosen.
Watch it below:

In a six-minute segment last night, the Daily show managed to dissemble many of the ludicrous and flimsy arguments that Republicans have thrown up against President Obama’s Friday announcement to stop deporting DREAMers.
Republicans have been attacking Obama for failing to do anything about immigration in the last 3.5 years–completely ignoring the December 2010 vote on the DREAM Act and how only 8 Republican Congressmen and 3 Republican Senators voted for it.
At the same time, Republicans have also been attacking Obama for his “gross overreach of power“–completely ignoring the fact that former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan all unilaterally used executive power to change deportation priorities.  As Jon Stewart said last night, “No president in modern history has changed deportation policy through executive action–except all of them.”
Finally, Republicans have been attacking Obama for a 2011 interview in which he appeared to say that he did not have the power to unilaterally change deportation policies–completely ignoring the latter minutes of the interview in which Obama reserved the right to do exactly what he just announced on Friday.
Check and mate, Republicans.  It’s been clear that Obama’s announcement has caught Mitt Romney and the Republicans flat-footed.  But nearly a week into the the policy change, it’s time for them to reach for some new arguments that actually make some sense.