As we wrote yesterday, Mitt Romney’s NALEO speech left many questions unanswered regarding immigration policy, including whether or not a President Romney would rescind President Obama’s new directive to protect DREAM-eligible young people.  It turns out that many others share our confusion, including a campaign policy advisor, who today... Continue »
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida – Cuatro años después de prometer, como candidato, que si era electo presidente retornaría a la conferencia de la Asociación Nacional de Funcionarios Latinos Electos y Designados (NALEO) en 2009 con su propuesta de reforma migratoria integral, Obama llegó a NALEO este año electoral sin... Continue »
Via Judd Legum at Think Progress, we learn what many of us thought, but hadn’t quite heard from anyone inside the Romney campaign — until now: Ray Walser, a co-chair of Mitt Romney’s campaign for issues pertaining to Latin America, finally spilled the beans: …Mr Walser, told The Daily Telegraph: “My anticipation is... Continue »
We’ve been publishing a series of posts from the DREAMers of the Campaign for an American DREAM.  Last month, they set off from San Francisco to begin a 3,000-mile, 8-month+ walk to Washington, DC to call attention to the DREAM Act and the need for immigration reform. Today’s post is from Veronica... Continue »
Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) is the latest in a long-line of conservatives who are spewing some anti-immigrant hate directed at the President’s latest move to protect DREAMers from deportation. However, like most people who don’t know what they’re talking about, Rep. Joe Walsh is belligerent thinking that he knows... Continue »
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida  –  El virtual nominado presidencial republicano, Mitt Romney no especificó ante la conferencia anual de la Asociación Nacional de Funcionarios Latino Electos y Designados (NALEO) si revocará el alivio temporal de la administración Obama que protege a ciertos Soñadores de la deportación porque afirmó que... Continue »
In a beautiful new short film simply titled “Illegal Movie,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a number of DREAMers, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, a teacher, a pastor, and other advocates discuss the realities of undocumented life and what it means to be a DREAMer. Watch this gorgeous film below: Continue »