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Win a Prize! Guess if Romney Will Even Say "Immigration" in his NALEO Speech

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As we’ve mentioned, Mitt Romney is going speak at at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) conference in Florida today. The speech will be broadcast live on C-SPAN at 12:30 PM ET.

The big question is whether Romney will even talk about immigration. He’s been ducking the issue lately, especially in the wake of Obama’s major move to protect DREAMers. Yesterday, Romney’s campaign abruptly ended a press call because all the questions were about immigration, prompting a Business Insider headline, “Mitt Romney Is Terrified Of Talking About Immigration.” So, the pressure is on.

Now, it’s doubtful Romney will mention all the positions he took during the GOP nomination battle, including that he would veto the DREAM act or his support of self-deportation or his view that SB 1070 is a model for the nation.

Thus, the big question is whether Mitt will mention immigration at all. And, if he does, how many times?

So, we’re having a contest. How many times will Mitt Romney say the word “immigration” today? Send us your guess in the comments or over twitter. Use the hashtag #WillMittSayIt? 

We’ll be keeping count and livetweeting the speech today, too, via @AmericasVoice. Our colleagues, Maribel Hastings and Maria Ponce, are in Orlando at the NALEO conference and are providing live updates.

The winner gets one of our awesome Netroots Nation screen wipes!