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Heck Finally Said “I Do” to Trump, “Why Wouldn’t I?” Nevada Organizations Tell Heck Why with a Celebration of Marriage

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“Heck is officially married to Trump’s dangerous ideology”

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Yesterday, Congressman and Senate candidate Joe Heck was questioned by CNN reporter Manu Raju about whether he “completely supports and trusts Donald Trump,”  to which he said “I do,” adding, “Why wouldn’t I?”

Today, PLAN Action, Nevada’s Voice, CCCAction, For Our Future, iAmerica Action, Nevada Advocate for Planned Parenthood Affiliates, Battle Born Progress and NextGen Climate Nevada gathered outside Congressman and Senatorial Candidate Joe Heck’s office to tell him why saying “I do” to presidential candidate Donald Trump is not what Nevadans expect from him as a candidate looking to represent Nevadans in the Senate. In a fictitious ceremony activist married Congressman Joe Heck and Presidential Candidate Donald Trump as symbol of their shared extreme ideologies.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump has attacked immigrants, women, Gold Star families, and Muslims, among others. However, none of this was enough for Congressman Joe Heck to disavow him. For months, Heck avoided the question, but yesterday he finally showed us his true colors. Activists from Nevada reacted with the following statements:

Francisco Morales, CCCAction State Director said “Rep. Heck and Trump share the same anti-immigrant agenda and this union demonstrates just how important it is to have our voices heard this November.”

Alexander Zapata, PLAN Action Communications Director said “Joe Heck  just showed us what he really is, a politician that doesn’t care about the Hispanic community. Now we confirmed that Trump and Heck are in the same page about immigration, social security, equal pay, and other important and sensitive issues that impact our community.”

Johali Carmona, For Our Future Hispanics Communications Manager said  “Finally Joe Heck stopped using his silence as an accomplice, now we know that he supports a candidate who has no shame when referring to people. In this race there’s only one Senate seat and the person that will be in that seat has to be a person who really cares about the community. Joe Heck does not represent that, he has been playing politics saying he supports immigration policies and doing the opposite in Washington, D.C. His voting record proves it. What makes us think that he will do something different now?”

Emily Zamora, Nevada State Coordinator for iAmerica Action  said “Today we celebrate the unfortunate union of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and Congressman Joe Heck. By publicly supporting Donald Trump, Joe Heck is aligning himself with his hateful rhetoric towards the immigrant community. He is affirming that Trump’s intention to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants is acceptable. On November 8, members of the Latino and AAPI community will unite against their hateful message with their vote.“

Samantha Fredrickson, Deputy Director for Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affiliatessaid “Joe Heck and Donald Trump are both bad for women. Their out of touch values are a perfect marriage, and a union we don’t want to see in Washington.”

Annette Magnus, Battle Born Progress Executive Director said “Joe Heck has been trying to stay quiet about his support of Donald Trump. We know that Heck supports many of the extreme policies that were passed as a part of the Republican platform at Trump’s convention. We also know that much like Trump, Heck loves to say one thing and then do whatever it takes to get elected. We call it the two faces of Joe Heck and Donald Trump. We are not surprised that Joe heck would say “I DO” to man like Donald Trump – he stands for the same principals and will flip-flop on any issue to get elected.”

Adriana Arevalo, NextGen Climate Nevada Communications Director said, “Joe Heck has avoided mentioning his choice for president by name for a long time, but Nevadans deserve to know who he is committed to: Donald Trump and his dangerous energy agenda, not Nevada families. We’re glad Joe Heck finally told voters that he is completely supporting the man who would eliminate the EPA allowing big polluters to keep poisoning our air and water; the same man who thinks that climate change is a hoax. We can’t afford a senator like Joe Heck who would say “I do” to the hazardous policies that Donald Trump has in mind for our climate, our country and our families”

Viridiana Vidal, Nevada’s Voice State Director said “Heck is officially married to Trump’s dangerous ideology. There are so many reasons to disavow Donald Trump, and many have denounced him, including people from his own party. However, Congressman Joe Heck found no reason to do it. As a Nevadan I am disappointed, as a woman I am scared, but as voter I am empowered to do the right thing this November and I encourage everyone to do it. Let’s vote for candidates that represent us as a community – Joe Heck is not one of them.”