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Both Of Donald Trump’s Adult Sons Have Now Appeared On A Radio Show With Ties To A White Nationalist

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It’s almost like Donald Trump’s campaign has a white nationalist problem.

Back in March, Donald Trump Jr. appeared on a right-wing radio show called “Liberty Roundtable,” where he was interviewed by guest host James Edwards, the white nationalist host of another radio program considered “overtly racist” and “anti-Semitic” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

While Trump Jr. later said that he had no idea that Edwards would be the one interviewing him, it certainly didn’t prevent Trump Jr. from sharing a white nationalist meme popular with neo-Nazis and anti-Semites a few months later.

But, the clan is now back at it, after Donald Trump’s other adult son, Eric Trump, jumped into the same basket as his brother and appeared Wednesday on that same “Liberty Roundtable”. This time, Eric was interviewed by “Liberty Roundtable” host Sam Bushman, who syndicates Edwards’ radio show.

Like racist father, like racist sons.

In one of the rare instances she actually responds to press, Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks claimed that we’re actually the ones who are under the wrong impression, because the Trump campaign “would never associate with any program that was even wrongly perceived to be affiliated with a message of hate.”

That’s odd, because a “message of hate” has basically been Donald Trump’s only message since he descended down the escalator of Trump Tower 16 months ago and declared Mexicans criminals and rapists. But whatever you say, Hope.

The Trump campaign may think they’re not promoting hate, but others are hearing the whistles loud and clear. It’s why William Johnson, founder of the American National Super PAC and chairman of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, has been inspired to roll out a pro-Trump radio ad targeting voters in swing states:

The white nationalist who bankrolled robocalls for Donald Trump in early voting states during the Republican primaries will release a radio ad this weekend in support of the GOP nominee, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

William Johnson, founder of the American National Super PAC and chairman of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, plans to run the ads in select swing states to gin up support for the real estate mogul ahead of Election Day. The ads were not authorized by the Trump campaign.

The language of the $7,000 buy is significantly less inflammatory than that used in the previous robocalls, which said “we don’t need Muslims” and praised Trump as the only candidate who could stop “the gradual genocide against the white race.”

Yet Johnson, who previously praised Trump to TPM as a “strong male leader,” still plays on themes familiar to white nationalists.

“Do you want a strong leader who will secure our borders and stop the flow of illegal aliens and radical Islamic terrorists?… Do you want a president who will safeguard the interests of Christians?” the ad asks, according to the Times.

The spot is expected to run in Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Alabama, Oregon, Nevada and Tennessee beginning Saturday and continue through Nov. 8, the Times reported.

In a final zinger, the ad will air on the shows both adult Trump sons were connected to:

It is slated to air on “Liberty RoundTable” and “The Political Cesspool,” a radio show run by white nationalist James Edwards.