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Republican National Convention Digital Review: Day 2

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Day two of the 2020 Republican National Convention was a night full of contradictions in regards to immigration policy. The same stream of racist rhetoric flowed throughout the event with new tricks to try to cover for this hateful rhetoric. Still, the central narrative of the convention was to talk about anything other than the lethal virus that has taken nearly 180,000 lives. Instead of focusing on real solutions to stop the pandemic and help Americans through this time, Trump and the GOP have chosen to deflect responsibility and target the most vulnerable individuals in our country. 

Cris Peterson from Wisconsin opened the RNC, noting the importance of agriculture as the backbone of this nation, without actually talking about the farm workers themselves, most of whom happen to be undocumented. Our government is actively working to exclude them from the stimulus packages and forcing them to continue working in unsafe and unsanitary conditions in the midst of the virus.

Jeanette Nunez spoke about her parents fleeing Cuba for a better life. Quite ironically, her family would probably not be able to come to the U.S. today under Trump’s strict asylum laws and extreme vetting of refugees.  

The RNC also included an unexpected naturalization ceremony that left many infuriated. The Trump administration has waged a relentless war on immigrants and refugees since Trump descended down that escalator in 2015. His administration has implemented multiple policies to shut down virtually all legal immigration channels, and have made it harder for legal immigrants and naturalization applicants to be adjudicated. This ceremony is nothing more than a political stunt, and  does not make up for years of abuse immigrants have endured under Trump.

To top it off, Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son, criticized Biden on immigration just moments after the naturalization stunt.

One of the more cringe-worthy moments of the night was Melania Trump’s speech about how helping children is our “moral imperative.” This was especially hard to swallow given President Trump’s immigration policies which have greatly affected child migrants.

This rhetoric is especially worrisome coming from the woman who wore her infamous trench coat about how she did not care while her husband was implementing cruel border policies.

Perhaps there is nothing more ironic though than Melania, an immigrant herself, talking about all that Trump has done, when she has remained tucked away in her million dollar homes while Trump’s policies harm Americans everywhere.

Donald Trump used immigrants last night as political props in an attempt to mask years of harmful policies and racist rhetoric. The American people have watched immigrants suffer day after day under the Trump administration and should not be fooled by one night of this attempt at animosity. It’s time to vote Trump out this November.