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Republican National Convention Digital Review: Day 1

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The 2020 Republican National Convention did not shy away from the xenophobia, racism and dog-whistle politics that many predicted to be the inevitable narrative of the event. In the words of Frank Sharry, “after failing America on the pandemic, the economy and race relations, stoking fear of ‘the non-white other’ is pretty much all they have left.” 

The gaslighting was everywhere. In their bubble, Trump is the hero of the coronavirus crisis, America is more united than divided, and the world would be awesome if immigrants, refugees, BLM protesters, and many other non-white groups are cracked down on.  

It is quite ironic that they chose to focus on the theme of the American dream that the Trump administration has worked tirelessly to tear down for so many communities of color. The truth is that the RNC proved that the Republican party now stands for nothing other than their bigoted, racist, misogynist, fascistic leader, Donald Trump, and many online were quick to criticize their attempt to mask their lack of real policy solutions.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that the RNC was unconventional this year in that it was held entirely online. The irony of course being that if Trump had acted sooner to stop the pandemic instead of scapegoating immigrants and blaming China to deflect responsibility, perhaps more of the country could be open now for in-person events.

Kim Guilfoyle’s speech highlights the xenophobia and racism that drives the Republican party, as she used her platform to stereotype immigrants who come to our borders for refuge.

Maximo Alvarez, a Cuban immigrant who sought political asylum, spoke about how America opened its doors to him when he left Cuba. This is of course ironic considering the Trump administration has done everything in its power to gut and limit the American asylum and refugee programs.

As expected, Donald Trump Jr. used his privileged space to continue upholding his father’s racist, anti-immigrant ideals, even though his entire family has relied on the labor of immigrants, including undocumented immigrants.

Of course, his assertions that immigrants harm the economy and take jobs away from Americans were entirely false and fabricated to further his xenophobic narrative.

Tim Scott told viewers to look at what Trump has accomplished, and believe me, we know the damage he has done.

We have seen what Donald Trump has done with this country, and we have cried and mourned the loss of immigrants at the hands of this administration. It is clear that the Republican party will not come to the rescue of our failing economy, unrest, and gutted immigration system. It is ill-equipped to handle a nation full of diverse communities, and ignorant to the history that has disenfranchised millions of Americans. It is time that we go to the polls to fight the xenophobia and racism that is Donald Trump and his followers.