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Children at the Border

“Attorney General Sessions and DHS Secretary Nielsen should be ashamed of themselves”

Frank Sharry reacts to new family separation policy Yesterday Attorney General Jeff Sessions and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced a “zero tolerance” border policy that will result in adults being separated from their children and prosecuted criminally. This is a radical expansion of a strategy that this administration has been testing, and denying. Now, they … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “What kind of country would tear apart and lock up Families fleeing violence in their homelands? Ours.”

The Los Angeles Times editorial board weighs in on the disturbing announcement from Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration yesterday that will result in the purposeful separation of parents from their children. Read excerpts of the LA Times editorial below, “What kind of country would tear apart and lock up families fleeing violence in their homelands? Ours”: Atty. Gen. Jeff … Continue reading »

To Protect Children from Harm, DHS Should Stop Separating Children from Parents, says the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics

The President of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Dr. Colleen Kraft, published an op-ed in today’s Los Angeles Times stating, “The government’s practice of separating children from their parents at the border counteracts every science-based recommendation I have ever made to families who seek to build, and not harm, their children’s intellectual and emotional development.” In … Continue reading »

ICYMI: WaPo Editorial: “The Migrant Caravan Is a Distraction”

As the media focuses on the caravan of a few hundred Central Americans, a new Washington Post editorial cautions us with a warning: don’t be distracted; keep focused on the facts and the Administration’s excesses, especially the separation of minor children from their parents for the purpose of deterring asylum-seekers. The entire editorial is available online here and excerpted below: … Continue reading »

WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: “If the subjects of Trump’s demagoguery were summarily denied entry, as he apparently would like, most would be forced to go home and some would be killed. That would be a terrible stain on the nation’s conscience.”

Eugene Robinson’s latest column in the Washington Post is entitled “The immigrant ‘caravan’ is a test. Trump wants us to fail.” He puts the current caravan of Central Americans in historical context and calls on America to avoid the injustices of the past and live up to our ideals as a leader in the post-World War II … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Nicholas Kristof: “Why Does Trump Treat Immigrant Kids Cruelly? Because He Can”

In an alarming new piece, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof dissects Trump’s intentionally cruel immigration policies. As he concludes, “I don’t believe in open borders, and immigration policy is complex and difficult. Yet Trump isn’t making hard decisions but unconscionable ones. I am the son of a refugee myself, a beneficiary of America’s magnanimity, and today’s policies leave … Continue reading »

“Counter to Everything America Stands For” — Trump Administration Separating Hundreds of Young Children from Their Parents to Deter Refugees

On Friday evening, Caitlin Dickerson of the New York Times reported on disturbing new details of how the Trump Administration separated hundreds of children from their parents as part of an effort to deter those fleeing violence from seeking asylum in the U.S. Confirming the worst fears of advocates and observers, the article reports that “more than 700 children have … Continue reading »

Supreme Court Upholds Practice of Locking Up Immigrants Indefinitely, Huge Win for Private Prisons

In a profound loss for immigrants living in immigration detention — sometimes indefinitely — the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last week they do not have a legal right to periodic hearings to determine if they should be released on bond. Many detainees are lawful permanent residents, asylum seekers, and/or survivors of torture who are held … Continue reading »

DHS Watch: CBP is Conducting Broad Searches, While Officials Indefinitely Detain Children

Over the years, we’ve seen repeated examples of how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) abuse their authority when it comes to treating immigrants and protecting individual privacy. This week, two articles from the New York Times showed CBP unrestrainedly using their authority within the 100-mile zone; meanwhile, enforcement officials … Continue reading »