The Same Game Plan Used by the Republicans on Every Immigration Debate  When it comes to addressing the ongoing child refugee crisis at the border, Republicans and their allies have solidified a strategy of trying to score political points, driving memes that are fact-free, and then ending with a flourish of inaction.  See below for… Continue »

Amidst continued calls from the GOP for shotgun proceedings that would result in expedited deportations of all but a handful of child refugees, a series of opinion pieces challenge our leaders and our nation to respond with the ideals of fairness and compassion, and a number of news pieces lay out the risks associated with… Continue »

Following the move by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), many Republicans have been quick to jump on board, blaming DACA for creating the child refugee crisis at the border (despite all evidence to the contrary).  But as a new editorial and political analysis reveals, the GOP’s attacks are meant to mask the Party’s true intention of… Continue »

In our press statement today, we wrote about Republicans overreaching when it comes to children fleeing violence and how strategies like Ted Cruz’s demand to to end DACA will only hurt them in the end.  How?  Two more articles today from the Economist and Mother Jones demonstrate. From the Economist: The politics of immigration have… Continue »

Does this Mean Most Republicans Are Now ‘Wacko Birds’ Too?  Yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) made clear that ending DACA was his “top priority” and that eviscerating deportation protections for Dreamers must be a component piece of any congressional action dealing with the Central American child refugees.  Far from a “wacko bird,” to borrow Senator… Continue »

An startling analysis of DHS data by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at University Syracuse University shows that only one out of ten child refugees who appeared without an attorney before an immigration judge were allowed to stay in the United States. By contrast, five out of ten children who had legal representation in court were allowed… Continue »

Washington, DC – The fast-developing story regarding Central American unaccompanied children arriving at our border is bringing out the best – and the worst – in America. While an increasing number of elected officials and commentators are determined to keep the focus on the well-being of children fleeing violence, others are intent to use the… Continue »

File this epic fail from Arizona under “I’d Be Laughing If It Weren’t So Tragic.” Republican Congressional hopeful and state legislator Adam Kwasman invited himself to a protest in Oracle, where yet another group of adults had gathered to bravely scream at a rumored bus of child refugees that would be coming through the area.… Continue »

Last night, Jon Stewart addressed the child refugee crisis. Brilliantly. Among his many observations, Stewart noted, “We have always been a nation of immigrants — who hate the new immigrants.” The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

Check out Lawrence Downes’ new post at the New York Times op-ed page, on why John Cornyn’s new (in)HUMANE bill is not a solution for children fleeing violence: Senator John Cornyn, the Texas Republican, has offered a bill that he says will solve the crisis of unaccompanied migrant children at the southern border. The bill… Continue »