During the recent virtual mobilization sponsored by the We Are Home campaign, which has been calling for citizenship for millions of immigrant to be enacted this very year, voices have emerged at all levels echoing the never-ending call so that, this time, the effort is seen through and this long postponed goal is finally realized.… Continue »

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America’s Voice   Momentum Grows To Use Reconciliation To Pass Immigration Reform if Necessary Los inmigrantes levantan su voz y los demócratas responden: este es el año para lograr algo histórico en torno a la ciudadanía Immigrants and Advocates Across the Country Participated in #LobbyDay Immigrants Speak Up, Democrats Respond During Lobby Day: This is… Continue »

English Associated Press Attorney: US makes concessions to ease asylum restrictions By Elliot Spagat May 18, 2021 The Hill Harris, Hispanic Caucus meet on Central America By Rafael Bernal May 17, 2021 Los Angeles Times Biden’s border closure cracks under pressure from lawsuits, advocates and the easing pandemic By Molly O’Toole May 17, 2021 Politico… Continue »

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While the Republican Party in Congress opts to pledge loyalty to Donald J. Trump and block the agenda of President Joe Biden at any cost, it’s time for the Democrats to realize that the bipartisanship they claim to be looking for in order to advance matters like immigration reform is nothing more than a chimera.… Continue »

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