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The spontaneous public demonstrations of joy over the dethroning of Donald Trump and the triumph of the Biden-Harris Democratic duo resembled those from nations where a dictator was unseated, rather than a U.S. election. It was a type of social depressurization that was just as longed for as it was delayed, and the nationwide image,… Continue »

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While votes are tabulated in the remaining states, whether Joe Biden wins or Donald Trump is reelected, the 2020 presidential election evidences many things. Among them, it reveals a country sadly divided in groups with diametrically opposed visions in the ideological realm, as well as in priorities for public policies, nuanced by an identity war… Continue »

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This week, with any luck, we will know if the voters of this nation opted for a change of leadership in the White House, tired of almost four years of lies, division, cruel public policies, and disdain for human life–especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Or if, for some reason that sociologists and… Continue »