Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.

English (en español al final de la página): Florida State University News: Undocumented Stories Part IV By Joseph Zeballos-Roig New York Times: In a Defiant, Angry Speech, Donald Trump Defends Image Seen as Anti-Semitic By Maggie Haberman, Michael barbaro and Jonathan Miller Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump Campaign to Target 17 States in November Election… Continue »

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland broke bread with community leaders and Ohio immigrant families as part of the nationwide DAPA Dinners campaign today in Lorain.  Lorain City Council Member Angel Arroyo; Lorain Police Chief Cel Rivera; Victor Leandry, Executive Director of El Centro de Servicios Sociales; and Father Bill Thaden of Sacred Heart Church also attended the dinner with Lorain Ohio Immigrant Rights Association (LOIRA) leaders and member families. The event… Continue »

Se mantienen a la extrema derecha, tal como su virtual nominado; los demócratas están preparados a defender a los inmigrantes La campaña de Donald Trump ha estado plagada de nativismo, racismo y demagogia. Y muchos republicanos han procurado distanciarse de la retórica del nominado de su partido. Pero cuando se trata de políticas, los republicanos… Continue »

Republicans stay hard right, just like their presumptive nominee; Democrats prepared to stand up for immigrants Donald Trump’s campaign has been rife with nativism, racism and demagoguery. And many Republicans have sought to rhetorically distance themselves from the nominee of their party. But when it comes to policy, House and Senate Republicans have shown their priorities are… Continue »

Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, was ripped by an employee for failing to condemn the Presidential nominee’s recent anti-Semitic attack. Dana Schwartz, a writer for a newspaper owned by Kushner, initially responded to Trump’s despicable tweet — a widely-condemned meme featuring a “Star of David” superimposed over a pile of money — in a tweet… Continue »

Speaker Paul Ryan remains in support of presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, even after his despicable anti-Semitic attack this past weekend. Ryan said yesterday that anti-Semitic images — specifically the one tweeted by Trump last weekend — have “no place” in a campaign. According to Mic, this meme originated on “an Internet message board… Continue »

On behalf of Nevada’s Voice, we’re inviting Nevada candidates to join a DAPA or DACA+ eligible family for dinner. Last month, Nevada families suffered a tremendous blow by the Supreme Court tie in theUnited States v. Texas lawsuit.The future of48,000 Nevada familieseligible for DAPA are on hold, however the fight continues. Regardless of your position… Continue »

July 4 was a day the United States celebrated its independence from British rule, but also, in the case of North Carolina, from a toxic anti-immigrant bill called HB 100. The legislation, which steamrolled through the State Senate, ultimately died in the House Rules Committee  on Saturday after meeting intense resistance from the immigrant community… Continue »

Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.

English (en español al final de la página): Associated Press: Southwest at risk for Trump after statements, slow start By Thomas Beaumont Washington Post: Paul Ryan endorsed Donald Trump one month ago. He hasn’t agreed with him since. By Amber Phillips Washington Post: If Clinton wins, Thomas Perez does, too. Only question: What job does… Continue »

Early last Saturday, Donald Trump tweeted an anti-Semitic image that originated on “an Internet message board for neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists newly emboldened by the success of Trump’s rhetoric,” reports Mic. The image tweeted by Trump featured his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” printed on a Star of David, and… Continue »