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Gov. Ted Strickland

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland Surprises Latino and Community Leaders at #LatinOHs March To The Polls

Yesterday, Latino, labor and faith community leaders from Ohio’s Cuyahoga County–and beyond–joined voters in an early vote rally and candlelight march to the polls, under the banner “LatinOHs Votan.”   Around 60 people attended the early voting rally in a restaurant below the offices of La Mega 87.7, the local Spanish language radio station which … Continue reading »

Between Republican and Democratic Conventions – And Republican and Democratic Senate Candidates – Two Contrasting Visions of Immigrants and America

Senator Portman and Gov. Strickland polar opposites on immigration As the Democratic National Convention (DNC) kicks off today in Philadelphia, the contrast between the two parties’ larger visions of America could not be more clear or consequential. The issue of immigration, and the way immigrants are portrayed and featured at the two parties’ conventions, underscores … Continue reading »

New Report From America’s Voice Highlights Power of Minority Vote in Ohio

As the Republican National Convention continues, a new report from America’s Voice outlines the power of the Latino, African American, and Asian American electorate in the swing state of Ohio. The report follows new nationwide polling of Latino voters, conducted by Latino Decisions and commissioned by America’s Voice, which underscores the fact that Donald Trump is on … Continue reading »

Senator Rob Portman Refuses to Meet With Ohio Immigrant Families

“Senator Rob Portman has made time for Donald Trump, but he hasn’t made time to meet with constituents” Yesterday, former Governor Ted Strickland broke bread with community leaders and Ohio immigrant families as part of the nationwide DAPA Dinners campaign.  The DAPA Dinners campaign invites 2016 political candidates, Senators, and Members of Congress of all parties to join … Continue reading »

“Never Give Up, Never Give In”: Senate Nominee Ted Strickland Joins Ohio Immigrants For “DAPA Dinner”

Yesterday, Democratic Senate candidate and former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland sat down with Ohio immigrant families and members of the Lorain community as part of the ongoing “DAPA Dinners” campaign, which joins elected officials with families to discuss how deferred action impacts immigrants and their communities. Among the invitees to the event — organized by LOIRA, … Continue reading »

Former Governor Strickland Meets With Ohio Immigrant Families and Community Leaders As Part of “DAPA Dinners” Campaign

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland broke bread with community leaders and Ohio immigrant families as part of the nationwide DAPA Dinners campaign today in Lorain.  Lorain City Council Member Angel Arroyo; Lorain Police Chief Cel Rivera; Victor Leandry, Executive Director of El Centro de Servicios Sociales; and Father Bill Thaden of Sacred Heart Church also attended the dinner with Lorain Ohio Immigrant Rights Association (LOIRA) leaders and member families. The event … Continue reading »