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English (en español al final de la página): Huffington Post: Puerto Ricans Are Streaming Into Florida And They Aren’t Exactly Fans Of Donald Trump By Elise Foley Wall Street Journal: Trump Goes to Capitol Hill to Woo Republican Lawmakers By Kristina Peterson and Siobhan Hughes Washington Post: Trump visits the Hill to mend fences with… Continue »

Sigue dando la espalda a soluciones que benefician a los inmigrantes del estado Una vez más, el senador Marco Rubio muestra estar dispuesto a dejar a su suerte a la comunidad inmigrante en su búsqueda por reelegirse. El miércoles, el senador de Florida dio su apoyo a dos proyectos de ley antiinmigrantes inspirados en Trump,… Continue »

Clinton/Obama visit key indicator that the map is shifting; Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda may cost him the state The sight of Hillary Clinton and President Obama on the stage in Charlotte this week has the nation clamoring to unpack the significance of the duo’s first campaign stop together and considering the impact of Trump’s disastrous campaign… Continue »

The following is a blog post written by Gabe Ortiz of America’s Voice. For photos of the event and a video interview with former Governor Strickland, please click here.  Yesterday, Democratic Senate candidate and former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland sat down with Ohio immigrant families and members of the Lorain community as part of the ongoing “DAPA Dinners” campaign, which… Continue »

A pesar de tantas evidencias, el Partido Republicano aún defiende a su candidato Cada semana recibimos nueva evidencia de que Donald Trump y su campaña presidencial están esparciendo detestables ideas que a su vez son promovidas por nacionalistas blancos y neonazis. Más allá de una interpretación partidista y de las elecciones presidenciales de este año,… Continue »

Respected law professor Peter Markowitz has written a thought-provoking op-ed in the New York Times on how President Obama could potentially protect millions of undocumented immigrants following the Supreme Court’s failure on DAPA and DACA+. “President Obama can still act to bring humanity and justice to an immigration system notoriously lacking in both,” writes Markowitz… Continue »

Continues to Turn His Back on Solutions that Benefit Local Immigrants Yet again, Senator Marco Rubio proves his willingness to throw the immigrant community under the bus in his quest for re-election. On Wednesday, Florida’s junior Senator supported two Trump-inspired anti-immigration legislative bills, the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act and Kate’s Law. Rubio’s support came on… Continue »

“Senator Rob Portman has made time for Donald Trump, but he hasn’t made time to meet with constituents” Yesterday, former Governor Ted Strickland broke bread with community leaders and Ohio immigrant families as part of the nationwide DAPA Dinners campaign.  The DAPA Dinners campaign invites 2016 political candidates, Senators, and Members of Congress of all parties to join… Continue »

Despite More and More Reminders, GOP Still Standing By Their Man  Each week offers new evidence that Donald Trump and his presidential campaign are mainstreaming odious ideas and memes promoted by white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Beyond the lens of partisanship and the 2016 elections, this is a disturbing development for American politics and society. As… Continue »

Yesterday, Democratic Senate candidate and former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland sat down with Ohio immigrant families and members of the Lorain community as part of the ongoing “DAPA Dinners” campaign, which joins elected officials with families to discuss how deferred action impacts immigrants and their communities. Among the invitees to the event — organized by LOIRA,… Continue »