Makes it clear he won’t be intimidated into inaction by Republican demagoguery Today President Obama met with advocates in the White House, and then went out to the  Rose Garden to make remarks on immigration.  Here is a response from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: Today President... Continue »
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Speaker Boehner has made it absolutely clear that he won’t lift a finger to fix our broken immigration system so President Obama is right to protect families from being torn apart. Speaker Boehner is out of excuses and his failure of leadership is enormous.... Continue »
WASHINGTON , DC – Las dos crisis se entrelazan y ambas requieren sus respectivas soluciones. De un lado está la crisis humanitaria de la frontera con miles de niños que cruzan solos y en algunos casos acompañados de sus padres para huir de la violencia del narcotráfico y las... Continue »
Los Angeles Times: Obama’s bid to deport children complicates immigration reform effort By Lisa Mascaro and Brian Bennett New York Times: Obama to Seek Funds to Stem Border Crossings and Speed Deportations By Julia Preston Washington Post: Obama to ask for more than $2 billion in emergency funds to... Continue »
America’s Voice scorecard summarizes the actions and voting record of 12 select House Republicans, including many who call themselves immigration reform supporters… Continue »
America’s Voice Executive Director Frank Sharry was on Hardball last night, speaking with Politico’s Rachel Smolkin about the Republicans’ electoral mistake in failing to pass immigration reform.  In a segment called “Grand Obsolete Party?”, Frank made it clear that this year’s legislative push was a chance for Republicans to... Continue »
Rep. Darrell Issa took an extreme step when he suggested that a good response to children fleeing violence story is to end DACA — and resume deporting DREAMers.  Today, United We DREAM and other advocates let him know what they think about that idea, with a takeover of his... Continue »
It’s the one-year anniversary of the Senate passing its bipartisan immigration reform bill — and also the day that time has run out for the GOP on immigration reform.  For the last year, House Republicans have hemmed and hawed about recognizing that they need to pass legislation — yet... Continue »
We told you.  If Republicans didn’t act on immigration reform before the July 4th recess, they’d be walking themselves over the demographic cliff. It’s been nearly two years since Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign so clearly demonstrated the importance of Latino voters in national politics. His now famous “self-deportation” strategy... Continue »