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Frank Sharry on Hardball: GOP Has "Squandered the Opportunity" on Immigration Reform

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America’s Voice Executive Director Frank Sharry was on Hardball last night, speaking with Politico’s Rachel Smolkin about the Republicans’ electoral mistake in failing to pass immigration reform.  In a segment called “Grand Obsolete Party?”, Frank made it clear that this year’s legislative push was a chance for Republicans to “regain their competitiveness with Latino and Asian voters, and they’ve squandered the opportunity.”

Now, immigration reform advocates will focus on the President, pushing him to address his record rate of deportations.  As Frank said:

The age of bipartisan immigration reform is over.  We’re going to press the President to use his executive authority to protect as many immigrants as possible, and then we’re going to work like hell to un-elect House Republicans.

And when the President does take executive action, that is going to be really bad news for Republicans and their already-gaping electoral deficit with Latino and Asian voters:

[Executive action] is going to cement the distinction between the two parties: the Republicans will be the anti-immigrant party for a generation, and the Democrats will be the party that delivered for immigrants.  Given the fast-growing Latino and Asian populations, that’s a really bad move for Republicans.

Watch the video below: