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Video: House GOP Leadership's Empty Promises on Immigration Reform

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It’s the one-year anniversary of the Senate passing its bipartisan immigration reform bill — and also the day that time has run out for the GOP on immigration reform.  For the last year, House Republicans have hemmed and hawed about recognizing that they need to pass legislation — yet they haven’t done it.  Speaker Boehner, and the other House leaders, have repeatedly claimed that immigration reform is not dead, and that the House will take action — yet Steve King remains the only House member to be given a vote on immigration.

House Democrats have put together a video, below, of many of these examples.  But this week, Rep. Luis Gutierrez and immigration reform advocates are putting an end to the charade.  Republicans have been given time to move on immigration, and they haven’t.  Now, the reform process will move on without them.  And they’ll be left to face the consequences in 2016 and beyond, when they’ll need to woo Latino and Asian voters but will have nothing to bolster their case.

Also check out this graphic from MSNBC.