According to Huffington Post, Tea Partier Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) is so upset about losing the government funding and debt limit debate that that he’s vowing to block the next priority on the agenda: common sense immigration reform.  Why?  Because President Obama is the clear winner of the fiscal... Continue »
For the last few weeks, shutdown and then debt ceiling negotiations have paralyzed Washington, as Republicans have drawn out their unwillingness to compromise and driven talks to the 11th hour.  Even as a deal appears to draw near, however, the aftermath of the last few weeks has hardly been... Continue »
Hastert Rule Likely to Be Discarded Once Again; President Obama Stresses that Immigration Reform is Up Next; House GOP Out of Excuses  The likely resolution to the current fiscal and debt ceiling impasse has led to the question: what’s next for Congress?  President Obama said yesterday he wants Congress... Continue »
Yesterday, NBC’s Chuck Todd was busy hyping a new “exclusive” poll sponsored by NBC News and Esquire Magazine on what those two media entities refer to as “The New American Center.” Frankly, the story was more befitting of NBC’s entertainment division than its news division. The poll was conducted by Joel... Continue »
BuzzFeed: Obama Has Already Won The Shutdown Fight And He’s Coming For Immigration Next By Evan McMorris-Santoro New York Magazine: Obama Is Over the Shutdown, Wants to Tackle Immigration Reform By Margaret Hartmann USA Today: Obama still plans to push immigration bill By David Jackson Reuters: Obama plans immigration... Continue »
October 16, 2013; 1:27 PM EDIT: At the debate last night, Christie embraced tuition equality for immigrants: “What I always have said is that when economic times got better, that that would be one of the things that I would consider,” Christie said during last night’s debate at Montclair State... Continue »
The nationwide March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect was technically last week, but immigration reform advocates and allies this weekend continued to push for reform.  Thousands of people showed up for rallies in Chicago and Omaha, Nebraska this last weekend, while activists in Tucson, Arizona engaged in an act of civil... Continue »
Encuestas muestran un creciente déficit latino hacia los republicanos durante el cierre del gobierno; el partido debe cumplir en la reforma migratoria Washington, DC – Un variedad de encuestas recientes realizadas por NBC/Wall Street Journal, Washington Post/ABC News y Public Policy Polling (PPP) muestra que la imagen de los... Continue »
A range of recent polling from NBC/Wall Street Journal, Washington Post/ABC News, and Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that the Republican brand image continues to plummet, sinking among nearly all demographic groups of voters including Latinos (75% of Latinos now disapprove of the Republican Party’s handling of budget talks... Continue »
Northern Voices Online News: Immigration reform 2013: House Republicans to benefit from the bill, says a poll Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: Despite prayer, rallies, immigration reform not getting attention By Georgia Pabst USA Today: Conservative ‘fly-in’ aims to sell House GOP on immigration By Alan Gomez NBC Latino: Immigration talks... Continue »