A new report from the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute and the Minnesota Business Immigration Coalition pulls together compelling evidence that even in this mostly homogeneous state -- where the immigrant population is small but growing -- immigrants are playing an increasingly important role in the economy, and we... Continue »
On Wednesday night, 60,000 people joined what was an incredible call to action on overhauling our nation's broken immigration laws. Today, we're releasing a new video that features Congressman Luis Gutierrez unveiling his principles for reform in October, and which calls on all of us to help build the movement... Continue »
First it was immigrants from Mexico, now Muslims in the armed services. After the tragic shootings at Fort Hood, conservative pundits are verbally attacking Muslims and Arab-Americans, much like they have vilified the immigrant community. The complexities of Islamic faith are being glossed over and "Muslim Terrorist" is stamped... Continue »
19/11/09 a 9:44pm por Rafael Prieto Zartha Bitácora En la primavera los edificios de ladrillo rojo del Colegio Meredith, una institución de educación universitaria exclusiva para mujeres de Raleigh, Carolina del Norte, hacen contraste con el colorido de las flores silvestres que se retoñan con en el cambio de... Continue »
19/11/09 a 3:05pm   La creciente actividad en el bando que promueve las deportaciones masivas refleja su inquietud por el impulso tomado por la reforma migratoria integral Washington, DC – Algunos de los principales fanáticos anti inmigrantes del Congreso y  controversiales organizaciones aliadas, como el Centro de Estudios de... Continue »
This past weekend, ALIPAC organized anti-amnesty "tea parties" across the country -- although perhaps "organized" is too generous a term for what turned out to be pretty weak events. It's not surprising that ALIPAC's tea parties -- 53 of them in total, according to the group—turned out to be what... Continue »
Leading anti-immigrant zealots in Congress, and controversial allied organizations like the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), are busy today promoting several events and new studies that, shockingly, call for hard-line action against immigrants and mass deportation of undocumented workers. Between a new CIS "study" that tries to paint... Continue »
So Lou Dobbs was paid $8 million to leave CNN after the network came under increasing fire for giving Lou Dobbs a primetime slot to incessantly trash immigrants and Latinos. Kudos for CNN for finally doing the right thing. We've rounded up some of the funniest reactions to a... Continue »
The White House has breathed new life into a movement by progressives who with "parties" and a massive telephone conference are promoting comprehensive immigration reform, but only time will tell whether their efforts produce the desired effect by the beginning of 2010. Continue »
Immigrant advocates will hold nearly 900 house parties in communities across the country to drum up support for an overhaul to the country's immigration system. The events on Wednesday will include a teleconference with Congressman Luis Gutierrez, D-Illinois, who plans to introduce an immigration reform bill that would help undocumented... Continue »