I'm not convinced Washington has awakened to the reality yet -- but the 2010 Census is going to shake things up politically in this country, and politicians would do themselves a favor to wake up and smell the coffee in advance. This is about raw political power -- something... Continue »
Today, November 18th, Representative Luis Gutierrez will hold a national telephonic town hall to lay out how we are going to win this fight. Thousands of people will be joining the call to hear what Rep. Gutierrez has to say and to ask their questions and voice their concerns. Oh,... Continue »
The purchasing power of Hispanics is growing at a rate nearly three times as fast as that of the general population in Arizona and nationwide, said an Arizona State University business expert who has studied the market for 14 years. Continue »
After a Salvadoran man was mistakenly deported, immigration rights activists have complained about toughened enforcement by authorities. Continue »
According to surveys, there is a basis of support in the country for comprehensive immigration reform. We know that for the Latino community, this support is overwhelming, since this system hits us close to home: personally, our families, neighbors, and friends. Continue »
The Obama administration deserves credit for tenacity. Like Rocky Balboa after being battered and bloodied by successive bouts on Capitol Hill over health care and the economy, the administration keeps coming back for more. Now comes Barocky III: Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Continue »
The nation's growing Latino population is likely to help eight states gain at least one more Congressional seat following the 2010 Census, according to a study released Tuesday. States expected to lose seats would fare much worse if Latinos had not moved there in record numbers. Continue »
18/11/09 a 9:11am por Maribel Hastings Esta noche el congresista demócrata de Illinois, Luis Gutiérrez, conduce un “town hall” telefónico para discutir los lineamientos del plan de reforma migratoria que asegura pretende presentar próximamente. Donde antes se convocaban marchas, ahora el movimiento pro reforma migratoria está echando mano de... Continue »
Experts on immigration, Latino voters, and the Census gathered today at NDN to discuss the findings of a new report released by America's Voice Education Fund (AVEF), and to assess its implications for the upcoming immigration debate. The report, The New Constituents: How Latinos Will Shape Congressional... Continue »
17/11/09 a 3:32pm por Maribel Hastings Según proyecciones sobre el Censo 2010, un total de 19 estados verían cambios en su representación ante el Congreso, con ocho de ellos ganando al menos un escaño ante la Cámara Baja, y once perdiendo al menos un escaño. Y el crecimiento de... Continue »