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WATCH: Lou Dobbs’ Reputation Salvation Tour

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DobbsSo Lou Dobbs was paid $8 million to leave CNN after the network came under increasing fire for giving Lou Dobbs a primetime slot to incessantly trash immigrants and Latinos (and even the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce). Kudos to CNN for finally doing the right thing. This victory was a testament to the hard work of so many – if you can, take a minute to spread the word!

And after that kind of publicity, what’s a humble talk show host like Lou Dobbs to do next?

Well, like Sarah Palin, Lou Dobbs has hit the talk show circuit this week on a reputation salvation tour: The O’Reilly Factor, the Today Show and even the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (who greeted him with a mariachi band) last night. But being best known for repeating the words “criminal illegal alien” ad nauseum (and being fired) isn’t exactly a recipe for success these days.

After the jump, a roundup of some of the best (and even tear-jerking) video on Dobbs’ sudden departure: