A startling petition arrived at the New York City Bar Association in October 2008, signed by 100 men, all locked up without criminal charges in the middle of Manhattan. In vivid if flawed English, it described cramped, filthy quarters where dire medical needs were ignored and hungry prisoners were put... Continue »
A front-page article in today's New York Times takes a peek into an immigration detention center in the heart of Manhattan and finds that the detention system continues to have serious problems. Here's how former detainees describe conditions at the Varick Street Detention Facility: "...cramped, filthy quarters where dire... Continue »
01/11/09 a 5:36pm por Maribel Hastings Ayer hubo elecciones en varios lugares, pero hay dos contiendas por gubernaturas que llevaron al presidente Barack Obama a hacer campaña en New Jersey y Virginia. Son elecciones estatales que se producen casi a un año exacto de que Obama ganara la Casa... Continue »