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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, March 20, 2017

English (noticias en español al final de la página): AMERICA’S VOICE Washington Post (Op-Ed) How labeling my organization a hate group shuts down public debate By Mark Krikorian March 17, 2017 RESTRAINING ORDER RULING ON TRUMP TRAVEL BAN Associated Press The Latest: Trump administration to appeal travel ban ruling March 17, 2017 Associated Press Travel … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, March 13, 2017

English (noticias en español al final de la página): AMERICA’S VOICE Teen Vogue How Things Would Be Different If Pence Was President Instead of Trump By Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy March 9, 2017 Miami Herald (Opinion) Oppenheimer: Trump continues to demonize immigrants By Andres Oppenheimer March 13, 2017 Arizona Republic Valdez: Trump can fix Obama’s refugee … Continue reading »

New Report Documents Ways in Which US Border Policy Separates Families

This week, Trump and DHS Secretary John Kelly floated plans to begin separating parents and children at the border, and outrage ensued. The New York Times described the idea as “cruelty disguised as compassion” while former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote that: Imposing this kind of cruelty on children runs counter to everything we stand … Continue reading »

Latest in Trump/Kelly Extreme Immigration Plans: Separate Parents, Children at the Border

When it comes to US immigration policy, what Trump has said is that he wants to deport “bad hombres” in order to better protect Americans. What Trump, abetted by DHS Secretary John Kelly, has done in practice is devise and implement some of the cruelest possible ways to sow fear among immigrants and separate their … Continue reading »

SNL’s “The TBD Story” Perfectly Captures Today’s Spineless, Trump-Rubber-Stamping Republicans

This last weekend, SNL released a mock trailer called “The TBD Story,” skewering the almost complete lack of any Republicans in Washington who are willing to stand up to Donald Trump. “It was a country in chaos,” the mock-trailer voiceover intones, “a nation divided, led by a president with unchecked power. Until one Republican finally … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, March 3, 2017

English (noticias en español al final de la página): AMERICA’S VOICE YubaNet: Immigration Debate: Trump’s Joint Congressional Address; Revised Muslim and Refugee Ban; Deportations Continue By America’s Voice March 2, 2017 TRUMP’S DEPORTATION PLAN: DETAILS, REACTIONS, EFFECTS Associated Press: Democrats still looking for answers on immigration arrests By Matthew Barakat March 2, 2017 Reuters: Parents … Continue reading »

Trump Is Not Softening on Immigration. Period.

After hours of breathless media speculation that Donald Trump was planning to “soften” his hardline immigration stance,  the President revealed in his address to Congress that his afternoon foray with news anchors was little more than a head fake. In his speech, Trump continued to embrace a cynical strategy of scorched-earth xenophobia. Frank Sharry: “Trump … Continue reading »

Advocates Descend on New Jersey to show Support for Immigrant Families

Activists and advocates with the organization Make the Road New Jersey have responded to Donald Trump’s mass deportation blueprints by organizing a rally outside the Elizabeth Detention Center, where elected officials, labor leaders, and clergy members joined immigrants in a show of solidarity and resistance. Hundreds of people from surrounding states including New York, Pennsylvania, … Continue reading »

What You Need To Know About President Donald Trump’s Executive Orders On Immigration, Border, and Refugees

Click here for a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, reacting to the array of extreme immigration, border, and refugee-focused executive orders set to be announced by President Trump today and tomorrow. Click here for a call with leaders from AVEF, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Women’s Refugee Commission, National Immigration Law … Continue reading »