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11/27/12 | America’s Voice Releases Election Scorecard With Wins in 3 of 3 “Races to Watch for Supporters of Immigration Reform” Among the key post-election storylines in Florida is the following: as the state’s sizeable Latino population […] | Read More »

11/27/12 | Demographics Drive Changes in States and Congressional Districts, With Big Implications for Future Elections  In the lead up to November 6th, America’s Voice tracked a range of competitive House and Senate races where Latino, Asian, […] | Read More »

11/27/12 | America’s Voice releases a spotlight on fourteen competitive House races of importance to Latino and Asian voters and all those who care about common sense immigration reform. | Read More »

11/26/12 | Immediately following the 2012 elections, Republican leaders began to talk openly about the stark choice they face as a party: appeal to a diversifying America, or risk extinction as a national party. Evidently, the House GOP missed the memo. | Read More »

11/21/12 | Last weekend, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) criticized Mitt Romney’s post-election “gift” comments and offered advice to the Republican Party regarding its lurch to the right on immigration policy and its thumping by Latino voters: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging. He [Romney] keeps digging.” | Read More »

11/20/12 | In America’s Voice “Races to Watch for Supporters of Immigration Reform,” Four of Five CA Republicans Lost  Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA) has long been a leading anti-immigrant Member of Congress.  Rep. Bilbray currently chairs the […] | Read More »

11/19/12 | Immigration reform has cemented its status as the first non-fiscal/budgetary issue on the post-inauguration agenda, with backing for reform continuing to build on the Republican side of the aisle. Over the past few days, a […] | Read More »

11/15/12 | With immigration reform legislation moving to the top of Washington’s post-inauguration “To Do” list, it’s important to get some things clear from the start regarding workable and humane reform.  The heart of the matter?  What […] | Read More »

11/14/12 | Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, had the following reaction to President Obama’s immigration comments, made during the President’s first post-election press conference today: “President Obama made it clear that comprehensive immigration […] | Read More »

11/14/12 | Momentum keeps building on behalf of immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, “From the President to conservative leaders to the American people […] | Read More »

11/13/12 | Immigration reform has rocketed to the top of the national agenda in the past week, after Latino turnout and overwhelming support for President Obama and his party were key to holding the White House and […] | Read More »

11/13/12 | A week out from the 2012 elections, it’s clear that Latino voters’ decisive role in the electorate has boosted the prospects and accelerated the timetable for passing immigration reform legislation.  Here are two key reasons […] | Read More »

11/09/12 | On a press call today national and state leaders discussed the path to victory for the recently passed DREAM Act in Maryland, which ensures that all Maryland kids whose families pay Maryland taxes are able […] | Read More »

11/09/12 | Leading Republican and conservative voices are coming to terms with the political imperative that the Party must evolve on immigration reform. According to Frank Sharry, “The tectonic plates are shifting on immigration.  The fact that […] | Read More »

11/09/12 | The 2012 elections demonstrated that Latino and new citizen voters are changing politics around the country and in states like Ohio, where their size and influence is growing. | Read More »

11/08/12 | Latino Voters Increasingly Important to Electoral Success in Virginia and Immigration Issue is Both Important and Personal to Them  The 2012 elections demonstrate that Latino and new citizen voters are changing politics in Virginia and […] | Read More »

11/08/12 | Huge Latino Support for Democrats in Presidential, Senate and House Races Shows Texas May Not Be Red for Long  The 2012 elections demonstrate that Latino and new citizen voters are changing politics in Texas and […] | Read More »

11/08/12 | Observers Across Political Spectrum Agree on Need for Congress to Enact Immigration Reform   As observers digest the 2012 election results, a consensus is emerging – from across the political spectrum – that both parties need […] | Read More »