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05/25/12 | Having backed himself into a corner on immigration during the Republican primary, recent events strongly suggest that Mitt Romney’s campaign and surrogates have decided on a three-part Latino strategy heading into the general election: (1) focus solely on the economy to compete for the small slice of Latino voters willing to look past anti-immigration rhetoric and policies; […] | Read More »

05/24/12 | Latino Voter Turnout Levels Important to Assess Alongside Head-to-Head Matchup Between Obama & Romney As many have noted, the 2012 presidential race may hinge on Latino voters’ political choices.  But there are two choices Latino voters have to make: 1) whether to vote at all; and 2) which candidate to support if they decide to […] | Read More »

05/23/12 | In what was billed as a major speech designed to start repairing his standing with Latino voters, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney today addressed the Latino Coalition in Washington.  Notably, the speech did not mention “immigration” a single time or refer to “the DREAM Act,” revealing the Romney campaign’s belief that they can somehow […] | Read More »

05/22/12 | Leading editorial writers in Alabama and across the nation are unsparing in their criticism of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) for abdicating leadership and signing legislation that makes the state’s disastrous “show me your papers” immigration law even worse. Alabama’s largest paper The Birmingham News editorializes, “For a few minutes, Gov. Robert Bentley sounded strong […] | Read More »

05/21/12 | A new editorial in the nation’s largest Spanish language newspaper, La Opinión, provides crucial advice to the Obama Administration on immigration.  Entitled “A Necessary Message to the White House,” the editorial in its entirety is pasted below: “If the White House dislikes the idea of a Republican like Senator Marco Rubio proposing and winning support-at […] | Read More »

05/18/12 | As Census Numbers on Births Show the Future of America, Special Supplement Analyzes How Immigrants are Revitalizing Our Nation  This week, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that for the first time, the majority of children born in the U.S. belong to racial and ethnic groups currently considered “minorities.”  As a range of editorials have pointed […] | Read More »

05/17/12 | Today, leaders from the United We Dream network launched a new nationwide campaign calling for increased protections from the Obama Administration in light of continued enforcement against DREAM Act eligible young people.  The new “Right to DREAM” campaign will feature an array of local activities in states throughout the nation calling on the Obama Administration […] | Read More »

05/16/12 | Obama Administration Policy to Protect Crime Victims Ignored, Community Leaders and Legal Experts Tell DHS to Do the Right Thing for Adolfo and Julio Miami, FL –In 2008, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in Florida raided the home of Adolfo Garcia and Julio Diaz, reportedly in search of human traffickers.  Although no one in […] | Read More »

05/14/12 | Farmers Reduce Production, Take Other Drastic Measures Since the early stages of the GOP primary, Mitt Romney has championed extremist immigration policies like “self-deportation,” a radical right strategy that aims to purge America of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in our country.  This policy, developed by Romney advisor Kris Kobach, has been passed into law […] | Read More »

05/09/12 | Ron Brownstein captures the results of a new National Journal poll on immigration quite succinctly: “On immigration, most Americans favor the velvet glove—and the iron fist.” For years, anti-immigration groups have exploited Americans’ frustration with the broken immigration system to advance their enforcement-only agenda.  Meanwhile, polls have consistently shown that strong majorities of Americans favor […] | Read More »

05/09/12 | RNC Hispanic Outreach Director Inclán Criticizes Obama’s Record Deportations, While Romney Pledges More RNC Hispanic Outreach Director Bettina Inclán created a media firestorm yesterday when she said that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is “still deciding what his position on immigration is.”  As we wrote yesterday, Inclán’s colleagues at the RNC immediately tried to […] | Read More »

05/09/12 | Huffington Post Exposes Backers of GOP Bill that Empowers Abusers House Republicans have hijacked this year’s reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) for political purposes.  Instead of protecting all victims of domestic violence, the GOP bill approved by the Judiciary Committee yesterday empowers abusers and harms victims.  It is opposed by leading domestic […] | Read More »

05/07/12 | Orlando Sentinel Look at I-4 Corridor Captures Personal Nature of Immigration Debate for Many Latinos  Political analysts are in agreement that Latino voters will help shape the outcome in numerous 2012 battleground states – and perhaps determine the presidency in the process.  For example, the Orlando Sentinel captures the dynamics at play in Florida, writing, […] | Read More »

05/03/12 | One of our main takeaways from last week’s Supreme Court hearing on Arizona v. United States was the troubling disconnect between the discussion in the court room and how the law would actually play out on the ground.  By insisting that discussion of the law’s effects were off the table, Chief Justice John Roberts ensured […] | Read More »

04/30/12 | Today’s DHS Announcement Reveals the Answer: Not Much Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released its long-awaited response to last year’s report from the Secure Communities Task Force. Secure Communities, the Obama Administration’s signature immigration enforcement program, has been fiercely criticized by law enforcement experts, state governors and legislatures, community leaders and members of […] | Read More »

04/27/12 | This has been a historic week on immigration policy in an election year.  Below is the America’s Voice take on some of the major political storylines surrounding immigration. If upheld, the Supreme Court ruling on the Arizona “show me your papers” provision would have a huge mobilizing effect on Latino voters.  At the Supreme Court’s […] | Read More »

04/27/12 | One of our takeaways from yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing on Arizona v. United States is the serious disconnect between the discussion in the court room and how the law would actually play out on the ground. Incredibly, at the start of the federal government’s case, Chief Justice Roberts told Solicitor General Donald Verrilli that he […] | Read More »

04/26/12 | Arizona’s Harassment Law Has Alienated Latinos, Asians, and Other Voters from GOP ***CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AUDIO FROM TODAY’S CALL*** Washington, D.C. – On a press call today, U.S. Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ/7) joined immigrant rights leaders to discuss yesterday’s SB1070 hearing at the U.S, Supreme Court and highlight the dangerous consequences of Republican presidential candidate […] | Read More »