Democrats gear up to deliver a legislative breakthrough on citizenship Washington, DC – We’ve been calling for Democrats to use every ounce of their majority to deliver a long-overdue breakthrough on citizenship bills by using a 51-vote vehicle. It now appears that it’s game on. Pelosi: “There Ain’t No Infrastructure Bill Without the Reconciliation Bill” … Continue »

Democrats are coalescing around the idea of using their majority and a 51-vote legislative vehicle to deliver citizenship for millions this year.  Expanding on the details first noted in a Roll Call story from earlier in the week, the Los Angeles Times was out yesterday with a piece titled, “Democrats to seek citizenship pathway for… Continue »

“It is so important that we get it right because asylum can be a matter of life and death”   Yesterday, the Biden administration announced another step to undo the cruelty of the Trump administration.  Stephen Miller and his lackeys devised the Migrant Protection Protocols to gut the asylum system. They forced those arriving at… Continue »

Will Congress enact legislation this year that will put millions of undocumented immigrants on pathways to citizenship? We believe they will. But only if Democrats use their power, blow past the bad faith of Republican posers, and include legalization measures on the next vehicle to go through on reconciliation.  Democrats gear up to get to… Continue »

Stop the distractions, deliver the solutions Last week, the anniversary of DACA and the Senate hearing on the “American Dream and Promise Act of 2021” refocused the immigration debate on citizenship. As Congress reconvenes this week, momentum continues on behalf of the legislative push, as community voices and local mobilizations are offering a reminder why… Continue »

Republicans are stoking fear and hatred while Democrats have a plan, are taking action, and are making progress Washington, DC – Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas is grabbing headlines off his announcement that he will divert funds from disaster relief – and seek private donations – to build more border wall in Texas. This is… Continue »

Recording of the call can be found here    Ahead of Juneteenth, advocates joined a press call to address the shifting immigration landscape and called on the Biden administration to address the ways that immigration singles out Black migrants for incarceration and deportation and the unique challenges Black immigrants face.  Please join The Haitian Bridge… Continue »

On DACA’s ninth anniversary, Sun-Times columnist and bureau chief calls out Republicans for blocking progress on Dream and Promise Act Washington, DC – Lynn Sweet, leading political columnist and longtime observer of politics, called out Republicans yesterday in the Chicago Sun Times for ignoring the plight of DREAMers in yesterday’s Senate Judiciary hearing on the… Continue »