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To say that the childhood that today’s immigrant children have had here has been a disastrous experience in the last two or three years is, literally, an understatement. In every case, the category of analysis should be to what level of trauma they have arrived, taking into account both the shadows of their infinite journey … Continue reading »

New report connects Stephen Miller’s embrace of white nationalist ideas to real immigration, refugee and asylum policies enacted and proposed by the Trump administration A report released today by America’s Voice, “The Stephen Miller Emails: Once Far-Right White Nationalist Ideas Are Now U.S. Policies” underscores the connections between Stephen Miller’s embrace of white nationalist ideas … Continue reading »

A joint exposé by ProPublica and the New York Times reveals that elite consulting company McKinsey & Company made shocking and inhumane recommendations to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). From the story:  …the money-saving recommendations the consultants came up with made some career ICE workers uncomfortable. They proposed cuts in spending on food for migrants, … Continue reading »

anti-immigrant militias detain immigrants

Video Demonstrates Just How Easy It Is to Scale the Wall President Trump’s political obsession over building the border wall has led to one government shutdown and threatens another. As leading observers condemn the Trump administration for its cronyism in rewarding a wall building contract to an unqualified firm helmed by a GOP donor and … Continue reading »

On a day many families were coming together to begin celebrating Thanksgiving, the DHS Inspector General (OIG) released a final report analyzing the horrific details of the Trump administration’s separation of thousands of families under the Zero Tolerance policy. What became clear in the OIG’s analysis was that the Trump administration was well aware of … Continue reading »