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In a continuation of articles for USA Today, Alan Gomez highlights the new rationale being used by the Trump administration to terminate TPS for over 300,000 TPS holders. Gomez also clearly explains the dangerous and deteriorating conditions in the six countries that TPS holders will be forced to return to once their respective programs expire. … Continue reading »

Texas immigration news for the week.

Full report is available for download on Austin, TX –  Earlier today the Jolt Initiative, an organization geared towards engaging young Latinos to be civically engaged, released a groundbreaking study along with Ethnifacts and US-ness, “We Are Texas: An Analysis of Young Latino Voters in the Lone Star State”. The survey conducted interviews with … Continue reading »

Vote in 2018!

Washington Post/ABC Poll: More Democrats than Republicans Say Immigration is Important to their 2018 Vote Is the bet Republicans are making on xenophobia going to work this election cycle? Recent polling suggests that the prevailing conventional wisdom — that the issue is a winner for Republicans –may have to be rethought at evidence of opposition … Continue reading »

“Who will be held accountable?” Bloomberg’s editorial board published a scorching new opinion piece denouncing the Trump administration cruelty, depravity and lack of accountability regarding its zero tolerance policy that results in children being ripped from the arms of their parents at the border. Excerpts of the editorial are below, and is available online here: … Continue reading »

Vote in 2018!

In a new must-read story in Mother Jones, reporter Tim Murphy highlights the efforts and successes of the Culinary Workers Union in Nevada to mobilize the diverse voters found there. For those asking how best to mobilize Latino, Asian-American and other working class voters, studying what Culinary and their many partners do in Nevada seems like a … Continue reading »

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