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Although as a Puerto Rican I have already experienced the uncertainty inherent in having Donald J. Trump as president in the midst of a natural disaster like what was Hurricane Maria in 2017, my worst fears have been turned into reality with the coronavirus crisis. That is, I always used to ask myself what would … Continue reading »

An in-depth profile on Chef Jose Andrés for TIME Magazine hammers home the essential role immigrants play in America in general and especially now on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak; particularly when it comes to feeding the nation. The profile comes after Chef Andrés’s appearance on the premiere episode of the MSNBC series … Continue reading »

“We must hold President Trump to his word that immigration status will not be a barrier to getting tested for COVID-19 or that seeking treatment will not be held against immigrants and their families or expose them to deportation or detention.” Today, the Senate passed the third COVID-19 relief package and the House is expected … Continue reading »

A recording of the call is available here As the Trump administration continues to mishandle the outbreak of COVID-19 and use nativism to distract from its failures, a panel of experts and advocates gathered earlier today on a press call to talk about how the struggle to protect public health requires an inclusive strategy, not … Continue reading »

Supreme Court travel ban order.

In a must-read op-ed published yesterday in the Washington Post, Julio Ricardo Varela exposes Trump’s attempt to point fingers and scapegoat immigrants in an attempt to deflect accountability for his failure to respond to a global pandemic. As Varela writes, “First, he blamed the Chinese. Then, he blamed previous administrations. Now, President Trump has taken … Continue reading »