Read the new AV political report HERE Washington, DC – A new report from America’s Voice analyzes the GOP’s messaging strategy of demonizing immigrants during the 2022 midterms failed to deliver at the ballot box in November. “The GOP Investment in Nativism Failed to Deliver, Again: America’s Voice Report... Continue »
More Reminders About the Costs and Consequences of GOP Nativism and Legislative Obstruction Washington, DC – In the newly released annual Economic Report of the President, the White House Council of Economic Advisors includes an unequivocal set of facts that immigrants and immigration reform are key to growing and... Continue »
Washington, DC – Republicans are again whipping up manufactured anti-immigrant outrage to fuel their sham effort to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and lie about the Biden administration’s border record and vision. In this case, see GOP and right wing media’s burgeoning effort to highlight a disconnect between recent... Continue »
Washington, DC – As he positions himself for a 2024 Republican primary run, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is defining himself by extremist stances and divisive grievance politics, including on immigration.   Yet, as seen in the new collection of anti-immigrant state policies he is backing, the DeSantis desire to “own... Continue »
Washington, DC – Today, House Republicans are holding another in their weekly drumbeat of congressional hearings about immigration and the border – their seventh official Republican Committee hearing on the subject in the first seven weeks of the GOP’s majority. Like the first six, today’s field hearing in McAllen,... Continue »
Washington, DC – Republican rhetoric used to claim that their opposition to immigration reform was based around the notion of illegality – they didn’t oppose legal immigration, so went the claim, just policies that rewarded those who illegally migrated. Meanwhile, the GOP is relentlessly decrying the numbers of migrants... Continue »
Washington, DC – As the Biden administration explores reinstituting family detention and with more reminders about the challenges for families in accessing existing legal pathways, including asylum, observers are highlighting what’s at stake for President Biden’s and America’s moral and economic leadership regarding its policy and political vision on... Continue »
Douglas Rivlin: “Creating a modern immigration system that works for America and the American economy is a strength to be embraced, not an issue to ‘downplay or defuse.’” Washington, DC – Political journalist Ron Brownstein’s analysis is always insightful. In his latest column at The Atlantic, Brownstein highlights how... Continue »