Washington, DC – Below is a column by Maribel Hastings and David Torres from America’s Voice en Español, translated to English from Spanish. It ran in several Spanish-language media outlets earlier this week. With less than sixty days to the midterm elections, disinformation on various social platforms, and even... Continue »
Washington, DC – Among the winners of last night’s New Hampshire primaries was Karoline Leavitt in the contested Republican primary for the NH-01 congressional seat. Leavitt ran hard on nativism in the primary, including running one of the ugliest ads our GOP ad tracker has spotted this cycle.  In... Continue »
Arizona Republic, Border Report, Agencia EFE, El Diario/La Prensa and La Opinión Among English and Spanish Media Outlets Focusing on GOP Mainstreaming of Dangerous White Nationalist Conspiracies Washington, DC – New English and Spanish media coverage highlights the details and dangers of Republicans’ growing embrace of dangerous and dehumanizing... Continue »
Click here for recording of the call  WASHINGTON, DC – On Thursday, the White House will host the “United We Stand” summit, focused on “the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety.”  In advance of the summit, on a press call held earlier today, advocates... Continue »
In Florida, Crist Defends Dreamers from GOP Attack Ad Washington, DC – A Republican Party of Florida ad attacking Democratic nominee for Gov. Charlie Crist’s support for Dreamers – and the strong pushback from the Crist campaign – is a notable development in the world of immigration politics. As... Continue »
As we move past Labor Day and into the final two months of the 2022 cycle, analysts are taking stock of the political landscape for the rest of the general election season. Below are four key points from the perspective of immigration politics: The GOP has gone all-in on... Continue »
Washington, DC – A new ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund, the largest superPAC for House Republicans tied to GOP leadership, attacks Texas Democratic candidate Michelle Vallejo (TX-15) using a barrage of nativist lies and images associated with “open borders” and fentanyl and associating Michelle Vallejo with “cartel chaos.”... Continue »
Read the full AV report: 2022 GOP Messaging Tracker: Analysis of Republicans’ Nativist Narrative Leading into the General Election Washington, DC – More voices are highlighting the embrace by Republican candidates of political nativism and vile white nationalist conspiracy theories. In The Border Chronicle, Melissa del Bosque writes, “How... Continue »