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04/17/14 | There is growing pressure on the Obama Administration to preside over immigration enforcement reforms and to deliver affirmative relief to those who would qualify for legalization under the Senate’s immigration bill.  While the White House is […] | Read More »

04/16/14 | In Conversation with Washington Post’s Greg Sargent, Rep. Diaz-Balart Lays Out Likely Chain of Scenarios on Immigration In an interview with the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) predicts that President Obama will […] | Read More »

04/16/14 | Yesterday, President Obama met with religious leaders on the topic of immigration reform.  A White House statement issued following the meeting noted that President Obama “emphasized that while his Administration can take steps to better […] | Read More »

04/16/14 | New Blog Post from Colorado DREAMer Highlights Gardner’s Extremism on Immigration  Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) is going to have a tough time appealing to the state’s growing Latino population this November.  A new Huffington Post […] | Read More »

04/15/14 | In Another Attempt to Force Republican Leadership to Hold an Immigration Vote, Democrats Highlight 30 Republicans Who’ve Spoken Up for Reform But Refuse to Act This morning, House Democrats announced a new strategy to force a vote […] | Read More »

04/15/14 | Republicans in the House of Representatives seem to be planning to run out the clock on immigration reform this Congress, to the detriment of the country, New Mexico, and their own political interests. Speaker of […] | Read More »

04/14/14 | The Obama deportation machine has come under fire recently for ramping up the deportation of immigrants with strong family ties and little or no criminal record. Not only is there a moral imperative to stop […] | Read More »

04/14/14 | Republicans Continue to Risk White House in 2016 by Making Steve King Face of the Party in Immigration  In analysis at the website titled “Like Bush, Many Republicans Are Moderate on Immigration, Nate Silver assesses the […] | Read More »

04/11/14 | As Comprehensive Immigration Reform Stalls and Non-Controversial ENLIST Act Wavers, Fringe Republican House Members Continue to Prove their Stronghold Over House Leadership and House Agenda It’s been quite the couple of weeks for the extremist […] | Read More »

04/11/14 | Must-read at Politico is the story of Howard Dean Bailey, an immigrant from Jamaica who served his country — and then was deported. Bailey was 17 when he followed his mother from Jamaica to the […] | Read More »

04/10/14 | Rep. Paul Ryan Was Set to Headline Fundraiser with Rep. Steve King, But Iowa GOP Goes to Great Lengths to Say King Declined Invite Weeks Ago Questions Remain: Why Was King’s Name Listed on the […] | Read More »

04/10/14 | Leader Pelosi Speaks Up, CHC Weighs In, DHS Secretary Johnson Gets Ready Pressure is growing on the Obama Administration to take executive action on deportation relief.  Yesterday, U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (R-CA) boldly […] | Read More »

04/09/14 | These Days Jeb Bush is on the Outs and Steve King is in Charge Washington, DC – Last weekend, Jeb Bush said something that once would have been unremarkable.  He said that for many undocumented […] | Read More »

04/09/14 | New Washington Post Editorial, TRAC Study and Vox Backgrounder Make the Case While many advocates continue to pressure House Republicans to take action on immigration reform legislation, there is also growing pressure on the Obama […] | Read More »

04/08/14 | Immigrant Advocates from Northern and Southern Borders Discuss Facts and Faces Behind DHS “Priorities” in Light of NYT and TRAC Studies In a conference call today with reporters, immigration experts and community leaders reacted to […] | Read More »

04/08/14 | House Republicans are blocking immigration reform.  The reason Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) gives?  “How can we trust the President to actually obey the law and enforce the law?”  The likely result of continued Republican inaction: […] | Read More »

04/07/14 | Maribel Hastings is a senior adviser with America’s Voice. CLEVELAND, Ohio – Every Tuesday night in Painesville, Ohio, immigrants with a common denominator meet at a converted church: they are protagonists or collateral damage in the […] | Read More »

04/07/14 | Editorial Challenges Him to Act; Exhaustive Study Reveals 80% of Deportations Have Been For Low Priority Immigrants Two must-read pieces in the New York Times demonstrate the cumulative consequences of the Obama Administration’s immigration enforcement […] | Read More »