The headline from The Wall Street Journal says it all: “Texas ‘floating border wall’ fails to deter migrants.” The article details how the floating saw blades illegally installed in the Rio Grande as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s multi-billion dollar Operation Lone Star scheme have failed to block desperate... Continue »
America’s Voice is among more than 100 human, civil and immigrant rights organizations that have signed a letter authored by the National Immigration Project urging the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to end collaboration with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s inhumane and likely illegal Operation Lone Star.  While the border... Continue »
Texans, including border residents, gathered on Tuesday to demand an end to Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star scheme, which for two years and counting has wreaked havoc on both border communities and vulnerable migrants seeking new lives in the U.S. In the past several weeks alone, Texas officials... Continue »
La muerte de una menor migrante de Venezuela, de apenas 3 años de edad que viajaba en un autobús enviado de Brownsville, Texas, a Chicago, Illinois, es el marco de la más reciente muestra de que las políticas antiinmigrantes como la “Operación Estrella Solitaria”, del gobernador Greg Abbott, tienen... Continue »
Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Is Ugly – And Costly, As The Texas Governor Continues To Show Texans are subsidizing Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s political stunts, whether they want to or not. Texas has wasted billions in state (and possibly federal) funds on Abbott’s ineffective, wildly inhumane, and wildly expensive border operations.... Continue »
Community members across El Paso today are holding a number of events, including a bell toll ceremony, an El Paso Museum of Art altar creation, and blood drive, in memory of the 23 people who lost their lives due to white nationalist rhetoric at an El Paso Walmart four... Continue »
La falta de una reforma migratoria a nivel legislativo limita los mecanismos para que las personas emigren hacia Estados Unidos de manera regular, y cuando se establecen programas ejecutivos y administrativos, como lo es el  permiso para que estadounidenses auspicien a ciudadanos de Cuba, Haití, Nicaragua y Venezuela (CHNV)  que... Continue »
The Biden administration has made good on its threat to sue Texas over the dangerous and likely unlawful barrier installed in the Rio Grande as part of Republican Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star scheme. The Justice Department on Monday filed a complaint stating that officials placed the floating buoys... Continue »
During an interview with Margaret Brennan on CBS’s Face the Nation this past weekend, Republican Rep. Tony Gonzales (TX-23) surprisingly gave the Biden administration credit for the plummeting number of migrants that have been trying to cross between ports of entry since the end of Title 42 on May... Continue »
Troopers at the southern border under Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star scheme have allegedly “been ordered to push small children and nursing babies back into the Rio Grande, and have been told not to give water to asylum seekers even in extreme heat,” Houston Chronicle reported.... Continue »