CHC meeting shows Kelly to the perfect pitchman for the radical Trump agenda During a meeting with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus this afternoon DHS Secretary John Kelly signaled the following: DACA threatened: The future of DACA, the program that has unlocked opportunities for nearly 800,000 Dreamers, will be... Continue »
Kelly claims he can’t use discretion in cases like that of Jesus Lara Lopez in Ohio, but the exercise of discretion in such cases has been a longstanding DHS practice DHS Secretary John Kelly is either confused or lying about his authority to use prosecutorial discretion in individual deportation... Continue »
american veterans are being deported. so are other american heroes.
Lynn Tramonte: Now “mind-numbingly common” to learn about deportations targeting the “very types of people our country should celebrate, not deport” U.S. military recruits hailing from countries throughout the world. A prominent Syrian pro-democratic activist. A Ground Zero clean-up worker who sacrificed his health to help America rebuild after... Continue »
John Kelly Thinks Immigration Judges’ Orders Should Be Final, Thomas Homan Thinks Immigrants Get Due Process; Here’s Why Neither is True Donald Trump is enacting his mass deportation agenda, and many of the people being deported fit a specific profile: they are mothers and fathers who have committed no... Continue »
Homan says what we all know: everyone is fair game for deportation; removals of non-criminals are up because we’ve gone “from zero to 100” Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan testified about budget priorities in front of the House Appropriations Committee yesterday, and confirmed what advocates and deportation statistics have already... Continue »
Digby: “Kelly is a genuine Trump guy” In her latest piece for Salon, Heather Digby Parton dives into Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly’s all-too-eager implementation of President Donald Trump’s radical immigration policies. It’s a must read. The article is excerpted below and available online here. Over the weekend,... Continue »
Secretary John Kelly, in his short tenure as chief of the Department of Homeland Security, has said a lot of misinformed things about immigration and deportation. He’s repeatedly claimed that his agents only focus on deporting immigrants who have committed crimes, a statement which unfortunately is proven untrue every... Continue »
Later this week, DHS Secretary John Kelly will again testify on Capitol Hill in support of the Trump Administration’s request for billions of dollars to deport millions of immigrants. We expect Secretary Kelly to again defend his agents’ abuses and repeat the bogus claim that his deportation force is... Continue »
Advocates have not been happy with DHS Secretary John Kelly and his blind implementation of Donald Trump’s mass deportation agenda. Neither are Senate Democrats, according to a new Huffington Post piece by Elise Foley. In January, 37 Senate Democrats voted to confirm Kelly. But what they thought they would get... Continue »
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly spent much of last week testifying on Capitol Hill on behalf of the Trump Administration’s budget request for billions of dollars to ramp up its mass deportation agenda. He was quick to defend his agents, demonize immigrants, and repeat the bogus... Continue »