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Cory Gardner's House Record: More Conservative than Steve King, Right of Tancredo on Immigration

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Bloomberg Politics has a great cover story today on the Senate race in Colorado between Sen. Mark Udall (D) and his challenger Rep. Cory Gardner (R).  It’s one of the most competitive races this fall, and is made even more important by the fact that Colorado is a significant bellwether for the rest of the country.  As the article notes, “the battle for Colorado is the battle for America.  Why the dead-heat Senate race between Mark Udall and Cory Gardner is a preview of the 2016 national election.”

The whole article is worth a read, but in particular it cites some interesting things about Cory Gardner.  Gardner has been going around touting himself as a moderate on immigration reform and other issues, even though his record contradicts that.  The Bloomberg piece reminds us that Gardner’s voting record is to the right of serious extremists like Steve King:

Last year, ­National Journal ranked him as the 10th-most-­conservative member of the House, putting him to the right of such Tea Party stalwarts as Steve King and Michele Bachmann….“You can’t help but like him,” ­conceded Trimpa, the Democratic lawyer, “even though he’s to the right of Tom Tancredo on ­immigration.”

Read more about Rep. Gardner’s stance on immigration — and his failure to support immigration reform — here.