Instead of Pushing for an Immigration Reform that the Majority of Coloradans Support, Colorado Republicans All SupportAnother Extremist Measure from Fringe Congressman Steve King (R-IA) Denver, CO – While House Republicans continue to trot out weak excuses for not putting a bipartisan immigration reform bill to a vote, they... Continuar »
An ad running in the Mother’s Day edition of the Denver Post names Colorado House Republicans Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman as blocking immigration reform that would keep thousands of Colorado immigrant families together. The half-page ad,  running in this Sunday’s paper, features a message from the children of... Continuar »
Yesterday, we wrote about Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) and his campaign to replace Democrat Mark Udall in the US Senate.  Gardner is going to be facing headwinds with the Latino community, which is sizable in Colorado, because he (and his House caucus) have done nothing to support immigration reform... Continuar »
Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) officially captured the GOP nomination for the Senate this weekend, which means he will be running against Democratic incumbent Mark Udall this fall.  While state Republicans gathered at the Coors Event Center, however, pro-immigration reform activists protested outside, calling out Gardner’s anti-immigrant policies and holding up... Continuar »
Just a reminder to Colorado Representatives Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner and Scott Tipton about immigration power in their districts. Led by the unrelenting advocates in Colorado, our movement will be reminding them about this a lot in 2014. The future of 45 GOP members could be determined by the... Continuar »
Local and National Leaders Call on Republican Congressmen Amodei, Heck, Coffman, Gardner, and Tipton to Cosponsor New Immigration Bill In the wake of the shutdown and fiscal debacle, immigration reform has reemerged at the top of the national agenda, providing an important opportunity for the Republican Party to repair... Continuar »