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TODAY: American Families in Deportation: "Why Do I Have to Choose Between My Country and My Husband?"

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Just over five years into his presidency, President Obama is nearing his 2 millionth deportation, and a legacy where he will have deported more immigrants — mothers, fathers, siblings, and neighbors — than any other president in history.

On Wednesday, February 5th at 10 AM ET, the Congressional Women’s Working Group on Immigration Reform with America’s Voice Education Fund will host a briefing for congressional staff and members of the press to shine a light on this American tragedy, with opening remarks from key immigration reform leaders, Reps. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Judy Chu (D-CA).  The briefing will seek to personalize and put a face on the tragedy of 2 million deportations, and highlight the stories of spouses and children who have lost loved ones to the nation’s broken immigration system.

Neither Seleste Wisniewski nor Maria Perez ever thought she’d have to choose between her country and her husband.  But last year, these two women were forced to face this decision head on and waged grueling battles to try to block their husbands’ deportations.  In Ohio, Seleste’s husband Pedro was granted a temporary stay after she led her family in a very public, very stressful advocacy campaign.  In Illinois, Maria’s husband Brigido was deported to Mexico after doing the same.  Both women are U.S. citizens with U.S. citizen children who also faced the prospect of life without their fathers.  Both continue to fight for immigration reform that restores their families in the United States, their home.

During the briefing Seleste and Maria will talk about their experiences confronting an uncaring, inhumane immigration system, and their hopes and dreams for immigration reform.  We will also hear from policy experts about the administrative and legislative changes that are needed to end this nightmare and put family unity back at the center of our nation’s immigration policies.

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