LAS VEGAS – Nevada es escenario de una de las contiendas al Senado federal más observadas, reñidas e inusuales. En estos días alcanzó uno de sus momentos más absurdos cuando una organización con sede en Washington, D.C. y con vínculos republicanos se atrevió a decirle a los latinos... Continuar »
"Angle and her campaign's ad team will go down in history for running a dirty campaign that seeks to demonize hard-working Latino immigrants as criminals and thugs," said Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, in a statement to The Huffington Post. "With Politifact labeling her claims as false,... Continuar »
The purpose of our series "March to the Polls 2010" is to capture the attitude of Hispanic voters in key states. Two years ago, they voted at record levels, but in the last two years they have been battered along with the rest of the country by an economy... Continuar »
Three immigration reform groups pooled funds to take out a "saturation level ad buy" on Spanish language radio in Nevada this week to counter a controversial TV ad being run by Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle. Continuar »
Watch Gabe Gonzalez from the Campaign for Community Change call out Sharron Angle on her most recent racist ads in her bid for Nevada's Senate seat. Last night, Gonzalez joined Keith Olbermann to discuss the blatantly anti-Latino ads Sharron Angle's camp released this week. Continuar »
We're running out of ways to describe Sharron Angle's predictably race-baiting immigration ads, but this latest one entitled "The Wave" (screenshots at right) might just take the cake. Not to mention that, despite Angle's absurd claim last week that her ads weren't about the southern border, there's a shot... Continuar »
America's Voice, Campaign for Community Change, and Mi Familia Vota Civic Participation Campaign are responding to Republican obstructionism of immigration reform in Congress, enactment of the anti-Latino "papers, please" law in Arizona, and ugly anti-immigrant campaigning by GOP candidates across the nation, with a saturation-level ad buy on Spanish... Continuar »
Pro-immigration groups have launched a Spanish-language ad blitz to urge Hispanic voters to defeat Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle. Continuar »
A national advocacy organization for immigrants is launching a Spanish-language media blitz in Nevada today in an attempt to use a recent stream of anti-illegal immigration ads from Sharron Angle's campaign as a reason for Hispanics to vote. Continuar »
Angle suggested her earlier ad was a reference to border security in general, claiming: "Our northern border is where the terrorists came through. "Now that her new ad explicitly shows the Texas-Mexico border, can we assume that her earlier explanation is no longer operative? Continuar »