Perhaps more than any other campaign in the country, Republicans and Democrats are betting that race could be the trump card in Nevada. Continuar »
Latinos are being targeted with a lie: that the best strategy to achieve their goal is to stop participating in the democratic process. But that approach cannot and will not work. No group in the United States has ever forwarded its political agenda by auto-disenfranchisement. Continuar »
Sharron Angle did not show up at the huge Tea Party Express rally in Las Vegas on Tuesday night. But the event was almost entirely in support of her and the divisive, anti-immigrant platform she has promoted in her accelerating drive to replace Senator Harry Reid. Continuar »
The Republican-backed group Latinos for Reform was set to air Spanish-language ads proclaiming that the best way to send a political message is by not voting. But the combination of Angle's nasty attack ads on immigration and this latest voter suppression tactic may encourage voters. Continuar »
Building on race-baiting campaigns that demonize immigrants and deploy Spanish-language ads to suppress Latino turnout, many 2010 Republican candidates have embraced a disturbing new vision for U.S. immigration policy. The vision, touted recently by high-profile Republican Senate candidates Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, Mark Kirk in Illinois, and Joe Miller... Continuar »
For nearly a year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has been desperately trying to devise a way to energize Hispanic voters in his quest to secure a fifth term, and his GOP opponent and a GOP-linked group may have just handed him two. Continuar »
Canada's ambassador to the U.S. has called on Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle to take back her claim that terrorists have come into the country over the northern border. Continuar »
Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle told dozens of Hispanic high school students last week that "some of you look a little more Asian to me," inducing gasps from the crowd. Continuar »
We've reported on Angle's vicious attack ads, criticized for demonizing Latino immigrants both on TV and in mailers. Now, the Nevada Senate candidate is going on offense again, claiming these attacks have been "misinterpreted." The Hispanic Student Union at Rancho High School in Las Vegas invited Angle to meet... Continuar »
U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle defended a series of campaign advertisements that use images of sullen, dark-skinned men and a map of Mexico to blast rival Sen. Harry Reid's immigration record. Continuar »