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NV-Sen: Sharron Angle’s Border Backpedaling, Race-baiting Ads Could Lead to “Wave” of Latino Voters

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We’re running out of ways to describe Sharron Angle’s predictably race-baiting immigration ads, but this latest one entitled “The Wave” (screenshots at right) might just take the cake.

Not only does her latest continue to pit mug shots and menacing images of Latinos in backward caps against struggling white families and innocent white schoolchildren, but it ends with an image of Reid’s face half in shadow and the words, “Harry Reid. It’s clear whose side he’s on, and it’s not yours.” Yep. No race-baiting there.

Via TPM, “Angle Ad: Reid On Illegal Immigrants’ Side, ‘Not Yours’ (VIDEO):”

Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle has a new ad, pushing further on a theme she’s been hammering for some time: That Democrat Harry Reid is friendly to scary illegal immigrants, harming good law-abiding (white) Americans and their children.

Not to mention that, despite Angle’s absurd claim last week that her ads weren’t about the southern border, there’s a shot of a border patrol station clearly labeled “El Paso, Texas.”