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Major Spanish Ad Buy: New NV and CO Ads Say, "We Are Voters, Not Criminals"

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Spanish-language radio ad (Nevada)

Today, America’s Voice, Campaign for Community Change, and Mi Familia Vota Civic Participation Campaign are unleashing a saturation-level Spanish language ad buy in Colorado and Nevada. With one week to the election, the ads hit back on the latest anti-immigrant campaigning by GOP candidates across the nation, but they also tackle immigration reform and  Arizona’s “papers, please” law.

Via AP, “Hispanic groups blast Sharron Angle’s TV ads:”

America’s Voice, Mi Familia Vota and Campaign for Community Change said Tuesday that their print and radio campaign will stress the importance of the Hispanic vote against rising immigration fervor.

The groups slammed Angle for portraying Hispanics as “criminals and thugs” in a series of illegal immigration ads.

Yesterday, Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle released a new ad which did just that. Angle was first charged with race-baiting after a series of anti-immigrant ads showed pictures and video of “villainous Latinos” sneaking around fences and looking menacing, juxtaposed with photos of worried-looking white folks. The Washington Post’s Adam Serwer argued that Angle’s latest ad tells viewers, “Harry Reid wants to take money away from hard-working, economically-distressed whites and give it to marauding Latino gang-bangers.”

In Colorado, Senate candidate Ken Buck (R) is singing a familiar tune on immigration reform.  His candidacy is backed by the extremist Americans for Legal Immigration Reform Political Action Committee (ALIPAC). The ad buy, which calls on Latinos to “show the power of your voice to those who would silence it,” also references the failed attempt by a Republican group called “Latinos for Reform”  to suppress the Latino vote because it trends Democratic.  ‘Don’t vote’ backfired, offending Latino and immigrant voters across the nation.

The new Spanish-language ads take Angle and Buck to task for their race-baiting and opposition to common sense immigration reform. The ad buy comes in the midst of an unprecedented “Get Out the Vote” campaign to mobilize Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters in a number of battleground states.  Latino voters are poised to be decisive in Nevada, Colorado, and other races, and politicians who have staked their candidacies on opposing immigrants and demonizing Latinos have every right to be worried.

View the NV print ad (Click here for CO):

Listen to the radio ads (in Spanish) here.