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NV-Sen: Apparently, Sharron Angle Thinks Race-Baiting Is a Game (Attention: Hasbro, Monopoly)

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Nevada Senate candidatee Sharron Angle’s nasty campaign against Latinos and immigrants managed to get even uglier yesterday afternoon.

In “Sharron Angle Launches ‘Harry Reid’s Amnesty Game’: ‘Fun For The Whole Illegal Family,'” Amanda Terkel quotes our executive director Frank Sharry:

“Angle and her campaign’s ad team will go down in history for running a dirty campaign that seeks to demonize hard-working Latino immigrants as criminals and thugs,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, in a statement to The Huffington Post. “With Politifact labeling her claims as false, what we have is racial divisiveness on top of outright lies. This series of ads would make Lee Atwatter roll over in his grave. It makes the Jesse Helms ‘Hands’ ad look tame.”

Someone needs to tell Sharron Angle that this is not a game — that this kind of rhetoric is not acceptable.

According to Terkel:

Angle’s ads and mailers on immigration have received a significant amount of attention during this campaign season. They have often pitted images of menacing-looking brown-skinned individuals against images of whites in school or with their families.

One recent mailer called Reid an “illegal alien’s best friend” and showed him elevating the country of Mexico, with the word “Amnesty” written on it, in his hand.