Cross-posted from David Leopold’s blog: As the 9 justices of the U.S. Supreme Court ponder whether to review the Republican lawsuit attacking President Obama’s immigration executive actions, back in Brownsville, Texas U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen—whom Republican politicians, led by the state of Texas, sought out late last year to block the actions known as… Continue »

More than 200 Democrats from the House and Senate — led by Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid and Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi — filed an amicus brief yesterday supporting “the Obama administration’s appeal to the Supreme Court to take up a legal case that has stalled President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration.” Earlier… Continue »

Yesterday, we learned that the Supreme Court rejected the attempt by Texas to delay consideration of the immigration executive action lawsuit. This was an important development. After the Fifth Circuit ruled against the Obama administration last month, the Department of Justice immediately appealed to the Supreme Court, with hopes that the Supreme Court would hear… Continue »

One day after the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s historic DAPA and expanded DACA announcement, immigration champion Senator Dick Durbin became the first sitting member of the United States Senate to share a meal with a DAPA-eligible family. As part of the “DAPA Dinner” campaign, Senator Durbin sat down for lunch with the Ramirez family… Continue »

Today is the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s announcement of DAPA and expanded DACA.  The programs were intended to provide much needed deportation relief to millions of immigrant families, but thanks to a Republican-led lawsuit, implementation has been halted and justice postponed. In a new editorial, leading Spanish language print outlet, La Opinión, talks about the… Continue »

Last week, Democratic presidential candidate and former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley sat down for a historic meal with a DAPA-eligible family from Austin, Texas, to hear how the program would benefit them. O’Malley’s visit with the Ramirez family — consisting of several DACA-recipient children, a U.S. citizen child, and DAPA-eligible parents — is the first… Continue »

Today, a DAPA family is set to break bread with Democratic Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley in a first-ever “DAPA Dinner,” with advocates hoping today’s event in Austin, Texas becomes just the first of many dinners with immigrant families and 2016 contenders from both parties. Looking forward to meeting the Ramirez family & sharing a meal w/… Continue »

New Column Urges Supreme Court to Take Up the Case, Place Principle Over Politics This morning, prominent Supreme Court observer and New York Times columnist Linda Greenhouse blasted the 5th Circuit’s decision on the DAPA/DACA lawsuit, calling the ruling “as cynical an exercise of judicial authority as I can remember.” Greenhouse’s important voice joins the growing chorus of others calling on the Supreme… Continue »

In the Absence of Congressional Action, Millions of Immigrant Families Deserve Relief Yesterday, after the 5th Circuit Appeals Court ruled against President Obama’s DAPA/DACA expansion plans, the U.S. Department of Justice announced its intention to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. Leading editorial boards and legal experts have been quick to weigh in and support… Continue »

But His Position on DAPA and DACA Makes ‘No Sense’ In last night’s Republican debate, Ohio Governor John Kasich criticized Donald Trump’s unrealistic and inhumane proposal to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country.  Kasich said: [I]f people think that we are going to ship 11 million people who are law-abiding, who are in this… Continue »